CitrusX Completes Seed Funding Round, Secures $4.5 Million Investment

Revolutionizing AI Transparency: CitrusX Secures Major Funding Boost

In a significant stride towards reshaping the landscape of AI transparency and explainability, CitrusX, spearheaded by CEO Noa Srebnik and CTO Gilad Manor, has clinched a substantial funding round led by Canadian VC Awz.

This pivotal investment comes on the heels of enthusiastic participation from angel investors, heralding a promising new chapter for the burgeoning company.

Expanding Horizons: Fueling Growth and Development

With aspirations to amplify their reach and enhance developmental endeavors, CitrusX is poised to harness the freshly secured funds for expansive operational growth.

The infusion of capital will fortify the company’s capabilities in propelling its development efforts to unprecedented heights.

Pioneering AI Transparency and Governance

At its core, CitrusX stands as an end-to-end platform dedicated to AI transparency and explainability.

Catering primarily to companies entrenched in regulated industries, the platform serves as a catalyst for model validation, governance, and monitoring.

By offering a comprehensive view of the intricate AI landscape, CitrusX empowers stakeholders to make well-informed decisions pertaining to machine learning.

Unveiling Novel Technological Marvels

Distinguished by its patent-pending technology, CitrusX unravels the hidden layers within data spaces, illuminating both strengths and vulnerabilities.

It meticulously identifies errors and weaknesses ensconced within ML models while shedding light on potential feature biases—a critical factor contributing to unforeseen model errors.

Strategic Alliances: Charting a Path to Success

Already making substantial inroads, CitrusX has forged partnerships with publicly listed companies entrenched in regulated sectors such as finance and security.

This collaboration underscores the company’s efficacy in addressing the robust needs of industries tethered to stringent regulations.

Accelerating Innovation: The Awz X-Seed Hub Partnership

As a testament to its pioneering prowess, CitrusX has earned a coveted spot as part of the inaugural cohort of the Awz X-Seed Hub.

This esteemed early-stage technology acceleration initiative stands as a testament to CitrusX’s commitment to driving innovation and transformative change within the realm of deep-tech.

This infusion of capital not only marks a significant milestone in CitrusX’s journey but also serves as a resounding testament to the burgeoning demand for AI transparency and governance solutions across diverse industries.

The company’s trajectory, propelled by this substantial investment, heralds a promising future where the power of AI is wielded with greater transparency, accountability, and efficacy.

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