Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticizes Biden for Mispronouncing Laken Riley’s Name, Urges Stronger Border Security in Rome, Georgia Rally

In a recent Trump rally in Rome, Georgia, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene addressed a crowd of supporters, shedding light on President Joe Biden’s acknowledgment of the murder of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student.

Greene criticized Biden for his response to the tragedy, emphasizing the impact of illegal immigration on the safety of American citizens.

This incident unfolded during Biden’s State of the Union address, where Greene passionately demanded that he “say her name.”

Biden’s Acknowledgment and Greene’s Interaction:

During her speech, Greene recounted the State of the Union incident, highlighting how she held up a button bearing Laken Riley’s name and urged Biden to address the issue of illegal immigration.

Despite expressing minimal credit for Biden’s acknowledgment of Riley’s murder, Greene sharply criticized the President for mispronouncing Laken’s name as “Lincoln.”

She argued that merely acknowledging the crime is not enough and emphasized the significance of addressing the broader border crisis.

Laken Riley’s Tragic Story:

Greene passionately shared the story of Laken Riley, a promising nursing student whose life was cut short by an illegal immigrant, further emphasizing the devastating consequences of lax immigration policies.

Riley’s murder became symbolic of the challenges posed by the border crisis, prompting Greene to advocate for stronger border security measures.

Biden’s Response and Political Back-and-Forth:

During Biden’s State of the Union address, he faced backlash from Republican lawmakers, particularly on the issue of border security.

Despite Biden’s acknowledgment of Riley’s murder, he encountered criticism for his handling of the broader immigration situation. Greene’s vocal demands for action and her criticism of Biden’s response echoed a larger political debate on immigration policies.

Legislative Actions and Border Security Bill:

The House passed the Laken Riley Act just hours before Biden’s speech, aiming to address concerns related to unauthorized migrants accused of theft.

The Act would mandate the federal custody of such individuals. Additionally, Biden’s call for a bipartisan border security bill faced resistance from GOP lawmakers, revealing the ongoing political discord on this issue.

Political Tactics and Dueling Border Trips:

The border crisis has become a political battleground, with both Biden and former President Trump making trips to different border locations to highlight their respective stances.

Greene’s advocacy for border security aligns with Trump’s approach, emphasizing the political significance of the immigration debate.


As Biden’s State of the Union address unfolded under the shadow of the 2024 presidential election, Greene’s critique of his response to Laken Riley’s murder underscored the deep political divides on immigration policies.

The incident symbolizes the ongoing struggle to find common ground on border security measures and immigration reform, with implications for the upcoming political landscape.

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