Mother and Boyfriend Arrested in Airway Heights After Allegedly Torturing Seven-Year-Old Son, Charges Include Child Assault and Unlawful Imprisonment

In a shocking case, a 29-year-old mother, Marie Collins, and her airman boyfriend, Jared Reeves, 32, have been arrested on suspicion of child assault, criminal mistreatment, and unlawful imprisonment.

Authorities allege that Collins not only moved Reeves in after just two months of dating but also actively participated in the near-torture of her seven-year-old son.

The couple’s arrest has brought to light a disturbing pattern of abuse against the young child.

Alleged Abuse and Arrest:

According to prosecutors, Collins and Reeves are facing serious charges related to the abuse of Collins’ son.

The investigation began when the child’s school counselor noticed unexplained injuries and significant weight loss after the winter break.

Child Protective Services (CPS) got involved after the counselor reported the child eating from garbage at school, leading to the revelation of a harrowing case of alleged child abuse.

Background and Moving In:

Collins informed the police that she and Reeves had been in a relationship since April, and after merely two months, they decided to live together in June.

Court documents reveal that the child had suffered trauma from Collins’ previous relationships.

The involvement of CPS was triggered by the school counselor’s concerns, prompting a closer look into the child’s well-being.

Child’s Testimony and Medical Examination:

The young boy reportedly told a CPS caseworker that Reeves had attempted to kill him by choking him until he couldn’t breathe.

A subsequent child abuse investigation was initiated in January, leading to the child’s examination at Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

The doctor’s findings indicated severe physical abuse, suggesting potential torture.

The child’s history of trauma and repeated violent incidents were highlighted, raising significant concerns about his mental stability and cognitive abilities.

Admissions of Guilt:

Both Reeves and Collins admitted to beating the child, with Collins revealing details of physical punishment, including the use of a metal spoon and neglecting to feed her son for a two-week period.

Shockingly, she confessed to filming incidents of abuse on her phone.

Reeves, in his admission to authorities, disclosed the use of a ‘sex paddle’ and a belt, resulting in bruising to the boy’s genital area and buttocks.

Choking and physically lifting the child off the ground were also among the confessed acts of abuse.

Details of Punishment and Emotional Distress:

Court documents reveal disturbing details of the punishment inflicted on the child, including being forced to sleep naked in a bathtub without blankets or pillows as a form of punishment for bedwetting.

The child was allegedly made to endure prolonged periods with his hands held above his head or in front of himself, facing physical consequences if he failed to comply.

Audio evidence on Reeves’ phone captured the boy crying and screaming about his back pain during these instances.

Legal Proceedings and Ongoing Investigation:

Reeves and Collins appeared in Spokane County Superior Court, and their arraignments are scheduled for March 19. The ongoing investigation continues to uncover the extent of the abuse suffered by the seven-year-old boy.

The case underscores the urgent need for intervention and raises questions about the system’s capacity to protect vulnerable children from such heinous acts.

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