Marjorie Taylor Greene Unleashes Criticism on Lauren Boebert and Freedom Caucus in New Book

Marjorie Taylor Greene Unleashes Criticism on Lauren Boebert and Freedom Caucus in New Book

In a candid interview ahead of the release of her new book, ‘MTG,’ Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene shares her perspective on the tumultuous events leading to her removal from the Freedom Caucus and her strained relationship with fellow Republican Lauren Boebert.

Freedom Caucus Ousting:

Greene questions the rationale behind her removal from the Freedom Caucus, emphasizing the controversial presence of Ken Buck, whom she claims is widely disliked among Republicans.

The expulsion occurred after Greene labeled Boebert a ‘little b***h’ for copying her impeachment articles.

Boebert Relationship and Caucus Decision:

Despite Greene’s efforts to befriend Boebert, she alleges that Boebert maintained distance.

In an excerpt from her book, Greene details the June 23, 2023, vote by the Freedom Caucus to remove her, highlighting the lack of communication and her discovery of the decision on Twitter.

Impeachment Articles and Boebert’s Response:

The book reveals Greene’s request for Boebert and the Freedom Caucus to co-sponsor her impeachment articles against President Biden.

Boebert, opting for her own articles, cited fundraising needs.

Greene accuses Boebert of copying her articles and recalls a heated confrontation on the House floor, leading to her calling Boebert a “little b***h.”

Differences Between MTG and Boebert:

Despite their shared entry into Congress in 2021, Greene dismisses comparisons with Boebert, stating that their only similarity lies in voting records.

Greene accuses Boebert of being a serial liar, citing instances of missed votes, inappropriate behavior, and dishonesty.

Freedom Caucus Critique:

Expressing dissatisfaction with the Freedom Caucus, Greene labels them as hypocrites.

She questions their decision to retain Ken Buck, who she claims prioritizes media interviews over congressional work.

Greene suggests that she is better off as a “free agent” without the caucus.

Book’s Scope and Motivation:

The book covers Greene’s entire congressional career, including the January 6 events.

Greene emphasizes her desire to share her authentic experiences, challenging the media-created character she believes does not reflect her true self.

She adopts the moniker “notorious MTG.”

Future Ambitions and Trump Connection:

Regarding her future ambitions, Greene remains coy but expresses readiness to serve in any capacity chosen by former President Donald Trump.

Despite regular conversations, she claims not to have received specific insights from Trump about his potential running mate.


Marjorie Taylor Greene’s revelations provide a unique insight into the internal dynamics of Congress, shedding light on personal conflicts and political controversies.

The book aims to present Greene’s side of the story, challenging the media narrative that has shaped her public image.

The intricate details of her interactions with Boebert and the Freedom Caucus add depth to the ongoing discussions about the dynamics within the Republican party.

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