One Voice Association of Kannywood Musicians Pledge Loyalty to Ex-President Buhari

Kannywood music stars, organized under the One Voice Association, made a significant visit to former President Muhammadu Buhari in his hometown of Daura, Katsina State.

The visit follows recent criticism of Buhari’s administration by one of their colleagues, Dauda Kahuta Rarara. Despite the criticism, the visiting musicians expressed their unwavering support and loyalty to the former leader.

Musicians Reaffirm Loyalty to Buhari

Led by renowned singer Ali Jita, the One Voice Association of Kannywood musicians used the visit to assure former President Buhari of their ongoing support, even after the end of his tenure.

The delegation wanted to convey their commitment to the former president personally.

Support Amidst Criticism

While the visit aimed to express support, it was overshadowed by the recent outburst from Dauda Kahuta Rarara, who sharply criticized Buhari’s government for its perceived failures.

Despite this criticism, the visiting musicians sought to distance themselves from Rarara’s comments and reaffirm their loyalty to Buhari.

Rarara’s Outburst

Rarara’s criticism of Buhari’s government came during a press conference in Kano on October 26. The acclaimed APC singer expressed regret over supporting Buhari, describing his administration as a total failure that caused significant challenges in Nigeria.

Kannywood’s Reaction

Members of the Kannywood community, including filmmakers and musicians, reacted with surprise and disappointment to Rarara’s statements. They considered it a betrayal of their leader, as Buhari had significantly contributed to Rarara’s success in the north.

One Voice Association’s Response

The One Voice Association, a group representing Kannywood musicians, distanced itself from Rarara’s comments and expressed their intention to seek forgiveness from Buhari for what they considered a baseless outburst. They emphasized their respect for leaders and disassociated themselves from Rarara’s views.


The visit by Kannywood musicians to former President Buhari in Daura serves as a testament to their continued support and loyalty to the former leader.

It also reflects the complexities within the entertainment industry, as musicians seek to balance their artistic expression with their allegiances to political figures. Rarara’s outburst and the subsequent reactions highlight the diverse opinions within the Kannywood community.

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