Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins Helps Danielle Lloyd Heal from Domestic Abuse Trauma

Danielle Lloyd, the model and TV star, reflects on her experience on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins and how it felt like therapy.

The challenging Channel 4 reality show pushed celebrities to their limits, and for Danielle, it became a transformative experience that helped her overcome past trauma.

Positive Outlook and Transformation

After surviving the brutal army trials on the show alongside other celebrities, Danielle returned home with a newfound positive outlook on life.

She described feeling unbreakable and ready to conquer any challenge, thanks to the resilience she built during the show. This transformation was a powerful change for her.

Conquering Fears and Healing

Danielle revealed how the brutal trials allowed her to conquer her fears, especially her fear of heights. Through experiences like abseiling down a 300-meter cave, she felt like she had been through therapy and was now capable of anything she set her mind to. Her personal growth was a significant outcome of her participation.

Facing Trauma and Emotions

The show’s intense interrogation scenes initially triggered emotional responses from Danielle. The memories of domestic violence from her past were stirred by the instructors yelling at her in abandoned rooms.

However, she managed to overcome these triggers and emerged from the show stronger.

Proud of Her Achievement

Danielle expressed her pride in completing the show and reaching the final on her own. It was not just a physical test but also a mental challenge. She viewed it as a testament to her inner strength and ability to cope, marking a significant milestone in her journey.

Flashbacks and Overcoming Challenges

The challenges on Celebrity SAS, including being blindfolded, brought back flashbacks of her experiences with domestic violence. Despite the initial fear and discomfort, Danielle pushed through and realized that no one could bring her down.


Danielle Lloyd’s experience on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins was more than a reality show; it became a form of therapy that helped her heal from past trauma and gain a newfound sense of strength and resilience.

Her journey is an inspiring example of overcoming fears and challenges, ultimately transforming her outlook on life.