Nigerian Gospel Music Producer Expresses Concerns about Christians Patronizing Afrobeats Musicians

Nigerian Gospel Music Producer Expresses Concerns about Christians Patronizing Afrobeats Musicians

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Joshua Mike Bamiloye, a Nigerian gospel music producer and the son of a gospel filmmaker, recently sparked an online debate by sharing his reservations about Christians who support Afrobeats musicians such as Davido and Wizkid.


Bamiloye expressed his opinion on Christians attending secular music concerts and emphasized that genuine Christians should not participate in shows by secular artists.

He predicted that some individuals would disagree with his stance and suggested that those guided by the Holy Spirit should understand the importance of setting boundaries.

Setting Boundaries for Christians:

According to Bamiloye, Christians who consider themselves genuine believers should refrain from attending concerts or shows featuring secular artists like Davido, Wizkid, Rema, and others.


While recognizing that some might argue against his viewpoint, Bamiloye believes that individuals guided by the Holy Spirit possess a deeper understanding of how to establish appropriate boundaries in their entertainment choices.

“Wife Still Calls Me ‘Bro Mike’ After 35 Years of Marriage”:

In a separate context, Mike Bamiloye, the founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, a film production company, recently celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary with his wife, Gloria. I

nterestingly, Bamiloye revealed that even after years of marriage, his wife still affectionately calls him ‘Bro Mike.’

He shared this insight on his Instagram page and mentioned his intention to break the jinx before their 40th wedding anniversary, suggesting that he hopes to be called something other than “Bro Mike” by then.

An Amusing Anecdote:

Bamiloye shared a heartwarming anecdote from the early years of their marriage.


Before tying the knot, Gloria used to call him by the same nickname that members of the Campus Christian Fellowship referred to him as, which was ‘Bro Mike.’

Surprisingly, even after marriage, she continued using this nickname.

Their attempts to adopt more endearing terms like “sweetie,” “honey,” and “baby” failed to resonate with them.

One incident involving Bamiloye’s mother (his big sister) showcased their struggle to adjust their pet names.

Ultimately, his wife’s instinctive call of “Bro Mike” made him respond loudly, leading to laughter from his mother.


Despite the passage of 35 years in their marriage and the arrival of children and grandchildren, Gloria has remained consistent in her endearing nickname, and Bamiloye has continued to respond.

However, he humorously vows to break the tradition before their 40th wedding anniversary, ensuring that he will no longer be called “Bro Mike.”


Joshua Mike Bamiloye’s reservations regarding Christians supporting secular artists have sparked an online debate about setting boundaries in entertainment choices.

Meanwhile, his own marriage of 35 years provides a charming anecdote about his wife’s enduring nickname for him.

As they celebrate their wedding anniversary, Bamiloye hopes to break the tradition of being called “Bro Mike” before their 40th anniversary, signifying a milestone in their journey together.



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