Rami Hawash Proposes to Gemma Collins for Third Time in Stunning Maldives Gesture

Reality TV personality Gemma Collins, 43, has accepted a proposal from businessman Rami Hawash for the third time, with the romantic gesture taking place during their luxurious vacation in the Maldives.

The former TOWIE star was enjoying the idyllic surroundings of the tropical island when Rami decided to pop the question on the beach after a romantic meal.

Rami had prepared an outdoor seating area and arranged for hundreds of roses to be flown in, covering the sand around them, with the ring placed inside a shell.

A source revealed to The Sun that Gemma was completely surprised and thrilled by the proposal, as she had no idea it was coming.

The moment was captured beautifully as Rami had lit up the phrase “Will You Marry Me?” on the sand.

A Decade of Relationship and Renewed Hope for a Family

The couple has known each other for over a decade, having met in 2011.

Their relationship has seen its ups and downs, with Rami initially proposing by hiding the ring in a Christmas pudding back in 2013.

However, their engagement was short-lived as Gemma called it off just four weeks later.

Despite this, the couple reunited during lockdown, seven years after their first engagement was broken off.

Hope and Joy for Future Parenthood

Gemma’s fertility journey has been a topic of discussion, as she hopes to have her first child with Rami, who already has a six-year-old son from a previous relationship.

The TV personality has been candid about her struggles with miscarriages and her desire to conceive in recent years.

She expressed her joy and hope upon hearing about Tana Ramsay’s successful pregnancy at the age of 49, feeling inspired for her own fertility journey.

Marriage Plans and a Relaxed Approach

In a recent interview, Gemma mentioned that she is in no rush to walk down the aisle, despite previously exploring wedding venues abroad.

She cited examples like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who got married at 50, as inspirations for taking her time with marriage.

Gemma emphasized that marriage is not a priority for her at the moment, stating that she is happy with their current relationship status and is in no rush to change it.

She also joked about the administrative hassle of marriage, expressing her preference to postpone it for as long as possible.

Gemma teased that her wedding venue could be anywhere from Claridge’s to Italy or even in the middle of a forest, highlighting her laid-back approach to wedding planning

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