Big Brother Fans Accuse Housemate Kerry of Imitating Gemma Collins

Big Brother Fans Accuse Housemate Kerry of Imitating Gemma Collins

Accusations of Imitation

Big Brother fans are raising accusations that housemate Kerry is emulating former contestant Gemma Collins.

Kerry, an NHS manager, is one of the 16 contestants vying for the grand prize of £100,000 in the iconic Big Brother house.

However, her behavior has sparked comparisons to the renowned star of “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE), Gemma Collins, who participated in the celebrity version of the reality show in 2016.

Mirror Image of Gemma

Viewers watching the show from home have noticed a striking resemblance between Kerry and Gemma’s Big Brother stints.

Gemma was known for her involvement in heated arguments, threats to quit the show on multiple occasions, and memorable meltdowns.

On the evening of October 12, viewers witnessed Kerry engaging in a passionate rant, which further fueled the comparisons.

Reactions on Social Media

Social media platforms saw an outpouring of comments from viewers. Some expressed their observations, with one fan on X (formerly known as Twitter) noting, “When Kerry was in the store room I did think she was/might be trying to be another version of Gemma Collins when she was in the house.”

Another fan added, “You can tell Kerry watched the best bits of Gemma Collins and Nikki Grahame before going in and decided to try to copy them.”

Kerry’s Efforts to Emulate Gemma

Accusations of Kerry attempting to replicate Gemma’s Big Brother persona continued to circulate. A third person remarked, “Kerry is trying her hardest to be the next Gemma Collins.”

Someone else pointed out, “Kerry, you can be angry and not shout and swear… she’s so dramatic and putting it on… she’s trying so hard to be Gemma but no one can be the original GC.”

Mixed Opinions

While some viewers criticized Kerry’s perceived imitation, others expressed their enjoyment of her presence in the Big Brother house. One social media user declared, “Kerry is literally the love of my life I can’t.”

Another fan said, “I love Kerry.” A third person shared, “Kerry is my winner so far. Absolutely sent me when she said about the food being ‘budgie seed and dust cheese.'”

Kerry’s Big Brother Journey

Kerry, who has been a longtime fan of Big Brother, revealed that her multiple sclerosis and wheelchair use had made it feel “unachievable” for her in the past.

However, when the show announced its return and its search for contestants from diverse backgrounds, she saw it as an opportunity to participate.

Kerry looks forward to meeting new people, using her emotional intelligence to connect with her housemates, and tackling the challenges and tasks within the house.

Kerry’s Self-Reflection

Despite her excitement, Kerry is aware of her own traits that might pose a challenge in the Big Brother house.

She mentioned, “I’m gonna really try not to be [bossy], but I really like things to go my way. I definitely talk too much and I’m loud. My husband always says that even my whisper is a normal person’s talking voice.”

Big Brother Schedule

Big Brother airs on ITV2 and ITVX from Sunday to Thursday at 9 pm, followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10 pm.


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