Gemma Collins Excited to Bare All in ITV’s The Real Full Monty, Embracing Body Confidence

Gemma Collins, the former TOWIE star at 42, has openly shared her excitement about her upcoming appearance on ITV’s The Real Full Monty.

She revealed that she’s currently in a “really good place” in her life after taking a step back from the public eye for some personal time.

Now, she’s ready to make a comeback and “end the year strong.”

Part of her plan to do just that involves her participation in The Real Full Monty, an ITV show that aims to raise cancer awareness by encouraging celebrities to shed their clothes.

A Bold Step for a Good Cause

The show, featuring choreography by Ashley Banjo, the leader of Diversity and a professional street dancer, has Gemma Collins excited to be a part of it.

She enthusiastically declared that viewers would see everything and praised the show’s fantastic concept and its noble cause.

Gemma’s body confidence is evident as she is more than willing to go au naturel for the show.

She confidently emphasized that she doesn’t care about others’ opinions and firmly believes in her own beauty.

The GC is excited to bare all for good cause (Image: gemmacollins/Instagram)

Confidence Among Fellow Stars

Gemma is joining the latest edition of The Real Full Monty, where she will strip down alongside fellow TOWIE star Pete Wicks and celebrity butler Paul Burrell.

She humorously shared that after going naked once, any awkwardness disappears.

While she’s on a fitness journey to tone her body, she candidly admitted it’s a work in progress.

Gemma also humorously mentioned her aversion to intense gym workouts, preferring outdoor activities like walking and swimming to breaking into a sweat at the gym.

Royalty and Animal Advocacy

Aside from her TV endeavors, Gemma has recently found herself mingling with A-listers.

She had the privilege of meeting King Charles and Queen Camilla at the Animal Ball earlier this year.

As an animal rights activist, Gemma was invited to the event by the royal pair.

She was deeply moved by the experience, attributing it to her dedication to animal causes and her support for elephants.

Gemma expressed her admiration for King Charles’s humanitarian efforts on behalf of animals.


Gemma Collins’s return to the spotlight, her unwavering body confidence, and her charitable endeavors, especially in the realm of animal rights, showcase her multifaceted personality.

Her involvement in The Real Full Monty not only reflects her confidence but also contributes to a worthy cause, raising awareness about cancer.

Gemma’s encounter with royalty further highlights her growing influence and the recognition she’s receiving for her advocacy work.

Her candidness about her fitness journey and preference for outdoor activities adds a relatable touch to her public persona, resonating with those who value a balanced approach to health and wellness.

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