Former Brother-in-Law of Spain’s Queen Letizia Revives Controversial Claims of Past Relationship

Former Brother-in-Law of Spain’s Queen Letizia Revives Controversial Claims of Past Relationship

Reviving Sensational Allegations:

Jaime Del Burgo, the former brother-in-law of Spain’s Queen Letizia, has resurfaced with controversial claims suggesting a romantic relationship between him and Letizia, both before and after her marriage to King Felipe in 2004.

He reiterated these claims on social media platform X, presenting an undated selfie of Letizia as ‘evidence’ and reposting a message allegedly sent by her.

Stand by Shocking Claims:

Del Burgo defended his astonishing assertions by reposting the Queen’s picture wearing a black pashmina and a message claimed to be from Letizia expressing affection.

Despite previously deleting these posts, citing excessive exposure, Del Burgo reaffirmed their significance, emphasizing they were pivotal in his narrative.

Detailed Account of Alleged Relationship Stages:

In a sequence of posts, Del Burgo outlined what he labeled as the different stages of his relationship with Letizia.

These stages purportedly included phases of love, friendship, and a renewed romantic bond that abruptly ended in 2011, intertwined with discussions about divorce, property, and plans for a surrogate child in Los Angeles.

Allegations and Challenges Faced:

The series of claims made by Del Burgo included encounters with Letizia during significant moments, including a supposed intimate moment at the Palace in 2010 and confrontations regarding photographs of Letizia with King Felipe in the media.

He cited Letizia’s explanations and their impact on their relationship.

Refuting Criticism and Political Assertions:

Del Burgo addressed skepticism and criticism, denying any monetary motivation to speak out and expressing his need to free himself from a chapter while learning from past mistakes.

He also made politically charged statements about the Spanish Royal Family and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

Reaction from the Spanish Royal Family:

Despite the shocking nature of these claims, the Spanish Royal Family has refrained from commenting on the allegations.

Earlier, cryptic social media posts from Del Burgo hinted at revelations to come, indicating a desire for the public to understand the hidden truths behind political and inherited representation in Spain.

Fallout and Backlash:

The publication of these allegations comes in the wake of a bombshell book by journalist Jaime Penafiel, highlighting the alleged relationship between Letizia and Del Burgo.

The claims span a timeline from their supposed initial meeting in the late ’90s to Letizia’s marriage to King Felipe in 2004.

Historical Context and Personal Background:

The claims revisit Letizia’s past relationships, including her marriage to Alonso Guerrero Perez and her professional career before becoming Spain’s Queen.

It touches on significant moments in her life, from reporting on 9/11 to her meeting with Prince Felipe at an oil spill site, leading to their engagement.

Ongoing Speculation and Public Interest:

The resurfacing of these allegations has sparked public curiosity and speculation about the Spanish monarchy, reigniting discussions about the history and relationships within the Royal Family.

Amidst the controversy, Letizia’s past continues to be a subject of intense public interest and debate.