Claims of Affair with Queen Letizia Spark Fresh Controversy in Spanish Monarchy

Ex-Brother-in-Law’s Revelations Shake Spanish Royalty

Jaime Del Burgo, Queen Letizia’s ex-brother-in-law, has resurfaced with startling claims regarding his relationship with the Queen.

In a recent social media post, he cryptically hinted at truths he believes will surface, suggesting a deeper side to the Spanish Royal Family.

Cryptic Social Media Posts and Allegations

Del Burgo’s enigmatic post on ‘X’ alludes to undisclosed truths and includes references to historical figures like Francisco de Goya and the Twenty-second Amendment to the US Constitution.

He advocates for reining in excessive power and has tagged both the Royal Family and Spanish President Pedro Sánchez.

The post concludes with a hint at people being unaware ‘sheep’ entertained until they awaken.

Impact on Spanish Monarchy

The Spanish Royal Family has been shaken by Del Burgo’s shocking claims of an affair with Queen Letizia.

The Spanish court has remained silent on these allegations, while accusations have surfaced suggesting the former King of Spain played a role in spreading rumors about the affair.

Revelations from a Tell-All Book and Alleged Evidence

Del Burgo contributed to a revealing book about Queen Letizia, making claims of a romantic involvement before and after her marriage to King Felipe.

He shared a selfie supposedly taken by Letizia during her pregnancy, alleging it as evidence of their relationship.

Timeline of Alleged Relationship

The timeline of Del Burgo’s claims traces back to Letizia’s pre-royal life, stating they were dating before her relationship with King Felipe.

He alleges their relationship continued even after Letizia’s marriage, making bold assertions about their interactions and shared moments.

Controversial Claims and Response

Among the contentious claims made by Del Burgo are assertions of his involvement in Letizia’s prenuptial agreement and contributions to the wedding expenses.

These claims have stirred controversy and cast a shadow on Queen Letizia’s past.

Aftermath and Current Response

Despite these revelations, the Spanish Royal Family has maintained a public front, with King Felipe and Queen Letizia making public appearances, seemingly unaffected by the scandal.

Their recent outings show them engaged in official events, projecting a united front amidst the unfolding controversy.

Impact on Letizia’s Background and Current Status

The revelations have unveiled aspects of Queen Letizia’s pre-royal life, including her earlier marriage and journalistic career.

Despite the scandalous claims, the Queen continues to be active in her royal duties, displaying a poised and composed demeanor during public appearances.

The Spanish Royal Family has remained tight-lipped about these allegations, maintaining composure amid the unfolding controversy.

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