Queen Letizia of Spain and Infanta Sofía Celebrate Women’s World Cup Victory

Queen Letizia of Spain and Infanta Sofía Celebrate Women’s World Cup Victory

Queen Letizia of Spain and her daughter, Infanta Sofía, shared a heartwarming moment of celebration as their national women’s football team secured victory in the World Cup final.

The stylish queen, aged 50, wore a scarlet trouser suit to honor her team, known as the Rojas, which translates to “red” in English.

She watched the game against England’s lionesses, expressing her excitement and support for the Spanish squad before the match began.

Letizia commented, “It’s a joy and it’s exciting to be here to support the Spanish Football team. They are already champions.”

As the final whistle blew, signaling Spain’s triumph as the new World Champions with a 1-0 scoreline, Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía were seen jubilantly celebrating and embracing fellow spectators in the stands.

In contrast, despite the keen attention of the Spanish queen, no members of the British Royal Family were present in Australia to cheer on England’s lionesses.

Prince William, in particular, issued an apology for his absence from the World Cup final, citing concerns about his carbon footprint and the potential diplomatic consequences of his visit to Australia.

Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía attended the event in Sydney to demonstrate their support for the national football team, according to confirmation from the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

While they occupied the presidential box at the Accor Stadium, King Felipe was unable to join them due to other official commitments.

Prior to the tournament, Letizia visited the Spanish team in Madrid, providing encouragement and motivation during a training session.

She delivered a resonating motivational speech that left a positive impact on the players and coaching staff.

On the English side, Prince William, who serves as the president of England’s Football Association, recorded a video message to wish the lionesses good luck in their match against Spain.

In the video, Prince William expressed his pride in their accomplishments and the inspiration they have provided to millions around the world.

Princess Charlotte, his daughter, also appeared in the video to offer her well-wishes to the team.

Prince William’s decision to watch the match from Anmer Hall, Norfolk, instead of attending in person in Australia has garnered some criticism.

Kensington Palace sources have attributed his choice to multiple factors, including concerns about his carbon footprint, as he is scheduled to travel to the US for his environmental campaign, Earthshot.

Additionally, the decision was influenced by diplomatic considerations, both at a family and political level.

It’s noted that Prince Charles, as King, has not visited Australia since 2014, and any visit from his son would need to be carefully considered to ensure diplomatic sensitivity.

A source familiar with the situation explained, “It was a finely balanced decision.

The Prince of Wales hasn’t visited since 2014 so he would wish his next trip to Australia to be a substantial visit.

He met them [the Lionesses] in St George’s Park before they flew out and he has been supporting them throughout the tournament by sending private good luck messages to the manager and team.”