Putin’s Pardon: Wife-Killing Murderer Returns Free, Instilling Terror in His Home City

Putin’s Pardon: Wife-Killing Murderer Returns Free, Instilling Terror in His Home City

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Family’s terror as wife-killing murderer, 33, returns free to his home city after Putin annulled his 16-year sentence because he fought for dictator against Ukraine


The release of a wife-killing murderer, Vadim Tekhov, who had been sentenced to 16 years in prison, has instilled fear in the hearts of many.

Vladimir Putin pardoned Tekhov due to his involvement in the war against Ukraine, allowing him to return to his home city.

A Brutal Crime and Early Release:

Vadim Tekhov, a former policeman, was imprisoned in 2021 for the gruesome murder of his ex-wife, Regina Gagieva, who was just 22 years old.

CCTV footage shocked the nation as it captured Tekhov repeatedly stabbing his ex-wife with a kitchen knife at her office.

Despite the severity of his crime, Putin’s officials released him from jail ahead of schedule, sending him to participate in the war.


Pardon and Freedom:

After serving a mere six months at the frontline, Tekhov was granted a pardon by Putin and subsequently freed.

This decision was part of a larger trend, where numerous murderers were released from Russian prisons to join the war effort.

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Concerns and Witnesses:

Roxana Zaseeva, the sister of Tekhov’s late ex-wife, expressed her distress upon seeing him wandering the streets of Vladikavkaz, the city where the murder took place.

Witnessing him casually eating a shawarma, she voiced her concerns about the safety of multiple lives.

Zaseeva questioned the actions of the penal services, wondering if they were oblivious to the potential danger Tekhov posed.

She contemplated leaving the city herself, emphasizing the risk faced by other women who may encounter the killer.


Local Officials’ Helplessness:

Sergei Menyailo, the top official in the Russian region of North Ossetia, criticized the decision to release Tekhov.

However, he stated that he was powerless to intervene due to Putin’s law, which entices convicts to join the war by promising their pardon after six months.

Menyailo emphasized that living under the law prevented him from taking any action.

Additional Troubles and Lack of Recognition:

Despite being briefly detained for allegedly attempting to sell drugs to Putin’s troops, Tekhov was allowed to return home.

Menyailo assured that Tekhov would not be honored with a regional medal for courage.

He questioned the ethical and moral aspects of the situation, expressing the difficulty in addressing such complex circumstances.


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Background and Disturbing Relationship:

Tekhov served in a regular army unit that emulated the recruitment practices of the pro-Putin mercenary force Wagner by enlisting convicts.

A video released by state investigators showed Tekhov wielding a knife while demanding to see his ex-wife’s iPhone, suspecting her of being involved in a new relationship.

Refusing his demands, Regina sustained fatal wounds during the savage attack and later died in the hospital.

Her mother revealed Tekhov’s persistent jealousy, with threats to kill her daughter if she refused to be with him.

Helplessness and Funeral:

Regina’s sister expressed her desire for Tekhov to face the death penalty.

She visited prison officials to understand how such a dangerous individual could be released but was met with sympathy and helplessness on their part.


Hundreds of mourners attended Regina Gagieva’s funeral in Vladikavkaz, mourning the loss of a young life taken by a brutal murderer.


The release of Vadim Tekhov, a wife-killing murderer, due to his involvement in the war against Ukraine has caused immense distress and fear among the public.

The decision to pardon him raises questions about the justice system and the potential risks faced by women in his home city.

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Despite local officials expressing their concerns, they are bound by the law and unable to prevent such releases.

The case serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges surrounding criminal justice and the consequences of geopolitical conflicts on individual lives.


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