Wife of Millionaire Pig Farmer Turned Murderer Awarded £750,000 Divorce Payout Amidst Tragedy

Divorce Payout Amid Tragedy

Alison, the wife of James Seales, a millionaire pig farmer turned murderer, has been awarded a substantial divorce settlement of £750,000.

This decision comes while her husband serves a life sentence for a shotgun murder that shocked the community.

James Seales’ Conviction

In 2012, James Seales, aged 66 and hailing from County Down, was convicted for the murder of Philip Strickland. He had claimed that he was at home watching the television series “Emmerdale” during the time of the murder.

Alison’s Courageous Testimony

During the divorce proceedings, Alison Seales shared her fears of her violent ex-husband, revealing that she was “psychologically scarred” from years of living in an abusive relationship.

She argued that she deserved a significant share of their £1 million fortune due to the trauma she had endured.

Judge’s Decision

Judge Evan Bell ruled in favor of Alison, citing James Seales’ “conduct in the carrying out of a murder” as a decisive factor that prevented him from receiving an equal share of the couple’s wealth.

Details of the Murder

The murder that led to James Seales’ imprisonment revolved around a drug feud in County Down. Philip Strickland had been secretly operating a cannabis factory on Seales’ property.

Seales ordered Strickland to remove the factory, resulting in a violent confrontation. Seales was later attacked by Strickland and a group of men, who beat him and urinated on him. Offensive graffiti and social media comments further intensified public outrage against Seales.

The Tragic Outcome

Tragically, Strickland’s life was cut short when Seales and his sons, Ian and Jason Weir, ambushed Strickland. They shot Strickland and bundled him into his own car, which they then drove to a nearby road where he was fatally shot in the face.

Strickland was known to have stolen a substantial number of Ecstasy tablets from drug dealer Stephen McCaughey, who was associated with Seales in the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Legal Consequences

As a result of these actions, James Seales received a life sentence with a minimum tariff of 15 years. Jason Weir was sentenced to nine and a half years, while Ian, who testified against his father, received a four-year sentence.

The court deemed Seales as the “prime mover” behind the murder, emphasizing his pivotal role in orchestrating the crime.

CCTV Footage and Denials

In 2020, Seales claimed that lost CCTV footage from his home would have exonerated him. He maintained that he had been watching “Emmerdale” at his farmhouse during Strickland’s murder and had called the police after noticing a stranger’s car on his property.

Despite his assertions, the court found compelling evidence against him, leading to his conviction.

The Ongoing Search

Local media reports suggest that a fifth UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) member involved in the murder remains at large, keeping the investigation ongoing.

James Seales’ story is one marked by tragedy, violence, and a legal process that has left a lasting impact on the lives of all those involved.

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