Putin Claims UK’s Interference in Ukraine Peace Deal Caused Extension of Russia-Ukraine War

Putin’s Controversial Claims: Allegations of Johnson’s Interference in Ukraine Peace Deal:

In a sensational two-hour interview with former Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin made astonishing claims about a potential peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.

Putin alleged that 18 months ago, negotiations were underway in Istanbul, and a deal was ready to be signed.

However, he asserted that the then-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, dissuaded Ukraine’s leading party from finalizing the agreement, stating that it was “better to fight Russia.”

Putin’s Claims on Johnson’s Interference:

According to Putin, Davyd Arakhamia, the head of Ukraine’s ruling party, had put his “preliminary signature” on the peace deal after direct negotiations in Istanbul.

Putin accused Johnson of influencing Arakhamia to back out, claiming that the British Prime Minister persuaded Ukraine to reject the deal, stating it was more favorable to engage in conflict with Russia.

Putin expressed disappointment, emphasizing that the agreement could have ended hostilities a year and a half ago.

Putin’s Perspective on Missed Opportunity:

Continuing his narrative, Putin lamented the missed opportunity for peace, asserting that the British persuasion led to the continuation of the war.

He questioned Boris Johnson’s current whereabouts and criticized the decision to prioritize conflict over a negotiated settlement.

Putin stated that the Ukrainian delegation, led by Arakhamia, was ready to sign the document, bringing an end to the war 18 months ago.

He accused Johnson of intervening and steering Ukraine away from a potential resolution.

US Involvement and Putin’s Desire for Settlement:

Furthering his allegations, Putin accused the United States of advising Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to refuse any deal.

Putin claimed that a comprehensive document was prepared in Istanbul, initialed by the head of the Ukrainian delegation, signaling their readiness to sign.

However, according to Putin, Johnson’s intervention resulted in a missed opportunity for peace.

Putin expressed a desire for the involved parties to revisit the possibility of a settlement, highlighting the mistake made by not seizing the chance for peace.

Putin’s Unchallenged Narrative:

During the interview, Putin was allowed to express his views without significant challenge, offering a rambling historical perspective on Russia dating back to the year 800.

The absence of critical questioning allowed Putin to present his version of events regarding the alleged interference by Boris Johnson and the missed opportunity for a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.


Putin’s controversial claims have sparked debates and discussions, raising questions about the role of international leaders in influencing geopolitical conflicts.

The alleged interference by Boris Johnson and the subsequent impact on the peace process between Russia and Ukraine remain contentious issues, requiring further investigation and analysis.

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