Prince Andrew faces disapproval, 80% thinks he deserves no public fund as he is the least least respected prince.

Prince Andrew faces disapproval, 80% thinks he deserves no public fund as he is the least least respected prince.

Prince Andrew’s Popularity Plummets Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, emerges as the least favored member of the British royal family, according to an exclusive MailOnline poll. Public sentiment appears to be strongly against the disgraced Duke, with nearly 80% of Britons expressing that he should receive no public funds. Only a meager one in ten respondents believes that he should be financially supported by taxpayers, a less popular stance than fictional nobility.

Calls to Exclude Prince Andrew from Succession The majority of respondents also advocate for Prince Andrew’s removal from the line of succession, despite his position as the eighth in line to the throne and his historical favoritism by the late monarch. Approximately 80% of the public believes he should be barred from inheriting the crown, placing Prince Andrew in a less favorable light than even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Public Opinion on Prince Andrew’s Image A significant portion of respondents views Prince Andrew negatively, with nearly half believing that there are only unfavorable aspects to his character. Once a respected Royal Navy veteran with 22 years of service, his fall from grace has been dramatic. He relinquished his HRH titles and honorary military roles, losing the privilege of wearing his military uniform on several occasions. His association with American financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and allegations made by Virginia Giuffre have further tarnished his reputation.

Public Call for Reduced Public Engagements The poll indicates that over 50% of respondents believe Prince Andrew should undertake fewer public engagements, demonstrating a desire for his diminished public presence. These findings stem from a comprehensive survey on the monarchy’s state, conducted by Deltapoll for MailOnline, which gauged public opinion on various aspects of the British royal family.

Broad Support for the Monarchy Despite the controversies surrounding specific royal members, more than half of respondents (53%) consider the monarchy to be beneficial for Britain, and an even larger majority (62%) favor the continuation of the monarchy. The desire for Britain to remain a monarchy outweighs support for republicanism, with only 23% advocating for a republic.

Future Predictions and Perspectives Respondents’ expectations for the monarchy’s future remain varied, as 53% believe Britain will still have a monarchy in fifty years, while 25% foresee a different outcome. King Charles and Queen Camilla’s roles are also examined, with half of respondents believing that Diana, Princess of Wales, would have been a better queen than Queen Camilla.

Prince Andrew’s Troubled Legacy Prince Andrew’s diminished standing in public opinion is evident from the poll, with only a fraction of respondents holding a positive view of him. This decline is attributed to a series of scandals, casting a shadow over his past achievements and once-promising reputation.

Public Sentiment on Prince Harry and Meghan Comparatively, Prince Harry receives a more favorable response from the public, with a larger percentage perceiving him as having some positive attributes. However, a significant portion believes that Prince Harry’s negative aspects outweigh the positive.

Royal Family’s Future Opinions also diverge on the future roles of Prince Harry and Meghan in the royal family, with some advocating for their reintegration and others favoring their exclusion. Similarly, a majority of respondents do not support Prince Andrew’s return to an active royal role.

Speculations on Prince Harry’s Return to Britain Regarding Prince Harry’s potential return to the UK, the public remains divided, with some anticipating his permanent return, while others believe it unlikely.

Conclusion The MailOnline poll highlights Prince Andrew’s declining popularity and the challenges he faces in rebuilding his image. It also sheds light on varying sentiments toward other members of the royal family and the monarchy’s future role in Britain.

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