Lucy Letby’s Parents: Steadfast Presence Throughout Trial Amid Heartfelt Distress

Lucy Letby’s Parents: Steadfast Presence Throughout Trial Amid Heartfelt Distress


The trial of Lucy Letby, a nurse accused of heinous crimes, was marked by the unwavering presence of her parents, John and Susan.

Throughout the ten-month proceedings at Manchester Crown Court, the couple attended every single day, displaying a profound determination to comprehend all the evidence against their daughter.

Their commitment was so strong that they even relocated from their home in Hereford to Manchester, where the trial took place.

Distress and Unwavering Love

The emotional turmoil faced by Lucy Letby’s mother was palpable when she was arrested.

Her reaction was one of anguish, as she wailed and cried. In a desperate and heartfelt plea to protect her daughter, she even exclaimed to the police, “I did it, take me instead.”


John, a retail boss, and Susan, an accounts clerk, were devoted parents who raised Lucy as an only child.

They shared a loving household in a 1930s semi-detached home, and they had established a consistent routine over the years.

Steadfast Routine and Family Holidays

Their steadfast routine extended to their living situation; they still reside in the same house they purchased shortly after their marriage.

Furthermore, they annually embarked on holidays to Torquay, with Lucy accompanying them until her arrest in July 2018.

The Letby family seemed to thrive on their close bond and shared experiences.


Their seemingly ordinary lives were a stark contrast to the accusations their daughter was facing.

A Life of Achievements

As loving parents, John and Susan Letby were immensely proud of their daughter’s accomplishments.

Lucy Letby was a source of delight to them and her neighbors alike.

She held a part-time job at WH Smith and became the first in her family to attend university, a feat that brought them great joy.

When she earned her honours degree, her parents celebrated her achievement in the local paper. Their message, alongside a picture of Lucy in her graduation regalia, conveyed their pride and love.


A Complex Relationship

Despite their strong bond, Lucy’s relationship with her parents was complex.

Text exchanges between her and her colleagues revealed that she occasionally felt suffocated by their concern.

She conveyed guilt about moving away and expressed that her parents found it difficult to cope with her living alone.

While their intentions were well-meaning, Lucy sometimes found their worries overbearing.

Emotional Struggles During Trial

During the trial, John and Susan continued to stand by their daughter.


They attended every day, witnessing intense questioning and challenging moments.

Mrs. Letby’s emotional responses were evident during breaks, as she broke into tears and displayed signs of anxiety.

The shocking details of the crimes her daughter was accused of were presented in court, leaving the parents with an emotional burden to bear.

An Anguished Verdict

As the trial reached its conclusion, and the guilty verdicts were pronounced, Mrs. Letby’s anguish was unmistakable.

She sobbed uncontrollably, expressing disbelief and crying out that it couldn’t be true.


The severity of the situation weighed heavily on her, and her emotional outpouring continued even after leaving the courtroom.

The verdict ensured that Lucy Letby would spend the remainder of her life behind bars.

In summary, the Letby family’s story is one of unconditional love, unbreakable bonds, and emotional struggles.

The journey through the trial was marked by the parents’ unwavering support for their daughter, contrasting with the anguish and heartbreak they experienced as the truth came to light.

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