President Biden Humorously Rebukes Trump on Late Night Show, Addressing Border Crisis and Age Concerns at NBC’s ‘Late Night’ with Seth Meyers in New York City

President Biden Humorously Rebukes Trump on Late Night Show, Addressing Border Crisis and Age Concerns at NBC’s ‘Late Night’ with Seth Meyers in New York City

In a recent interview on Seth Meyers’ NBC 10th-anniversary ‘Late Night’ show, President Joe Biden touched on various topics, from the Israel-Hamas ceasefire to the crisis at the US-Mexico border. This interview became noteworthy not only for its humor but also for addressing concerns about Biden’s age, with many voters questioning if, at 81, he is too old to lead the country, especially considering the potential 2024 rematch with Donald Trump.

Joking About Age and Border Crisis

Biden, known for his wit, responded to questions about his age by jokingly classifying the information and emphasizing that Trump is about the same age. The president blamed his predecessor for the migrant crisis at the border, accusing Trump of sabotaging a bipartisan immigration reform deal. According to Biden, Trump’s interference with Republican and Democratic support led to the stalling of a $118 billion border bill that includes provisions for border security, aid for Ukraine, and Israel.

Controversy Surrounding the Border Bill

The proposed legislation faces opposition not only from Trump and his allies, who deem it weak, but also from some Democrats and progressives concerned about its potential impact on the asylum process. The bill, if passed, would bring about significant changes in how asylum is handled at the border, making it a focal point in the current political landscape.

Age and Ideas in American Politics

Biden defended his capabilities by asserting that the importance lies in the ideas rather than age, especially given Trump’s stance on issues like abortion. He criticized Trump’s desire to roll back certain policies and joked about his memory, referencing an incident at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

International Relations and Capitol Insurrection

The interview delved into international affairs, with Biden criticizing Trump’s suggestions about encouraging Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade NATO allies. Additionally, he condemned Trump’s praise for those involved in the Capitol insurrection, stating that such events are not reflective of American values.

Diversifying Media Outreach

Beyond the interview, the article highlights Biden’s unconventional media outreach strategies, such as making appearances on TikTok and engaging with YouTube stars and podcasters. The president’s team aims to connect with a broader audience beyond traditional television platforms, recognizing the evolving landscape of media consumption.

Public Opinion on Age and Trust

Public opinion on Biden and Trump’s age is explored, with a poll indicating that 86% of American voters believe Biden is too old for another term, while 62% feel the same about Trump. Concerns about their age and fitness for office have increased, as reflected in various polls, with Biden being the oldest president in U.S. history.

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