Ms Emmanuelle Blatmann, outgoing Ambassador of France to Nigeria humorously shares what she will and won’t miss

Ms Emmanuelle Blatmann, the outgoing Ambassador of France to Nigeria, has humorously reflected on her time in the country, sharing candid thoughts about what she will and won’t miss.

Farewell Address:

Speaking to journalists as she prepares to depart Nigeria for a new role as the director for Africa in Paris, Blatmann expressed gratitude for her time in the country and acknowledged the diverse experiences she had.

Mixed Feelings on Nigerian Pepper Soup:

In a lighthearted manner, the ambassador hilariously revealed that she won’t miss the famous Nigerian pepper soup.

She playfully commented on the intensity of the pepper, suggesting it was a culinary challenge for her.

Blatmann amusingly shared anecdotes of eating spicy dishes that left her with red eyes and smoke coming out of her ears.

Fondness for Other Nigerian Delicacies:

However, Blatmann made it clear that her departure doesn’t diminish her appreciation for other Nigerian culinary delights.

She expressed a genuine liking for jollof rice, moimoi, and puff-puff, highlighting the rich diversity of Nigerian cuisine.

Missed Elements:

Beyond the culinary experiences, the ambassador conveyed genuine sentiments about what she will miss.

She expressed affection for the country’s weather, the warmth and love of the people, the vibrant music scene, and the lively atmosphere filled with laughter and dancing.

Appreciation for Nigerian Culture:

Blatmann acknowledged the unique sense of humor prevalent in Nigeria, emphasizing the positive aspects of her time in the country.

Her farewell remarks showcased a genuine appreciation for Nigerian culture, including the lively music and dance that became a significant part of her experience.


As Ms Emmanuelle Blatmann bids farewell to her role as the Ambassador of France to Nigeria, her humorous and candid reflections provide a light-hearted perspective on the cultural exchange and memorable moments she shared with the Nigerian people.

The ambassador’s comments reflect a genuine appreciation for the diverse aspects of Nigerian culture, despite the playful jab at the renowned spiciness of Nigerian pepper soup.

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