Police patrol officers rescue python spotted on the street in the early hours of the day

Police patrol officers rescue python spotted on the street in the early hours of the day

In the early hours of a day in West Bromwich, a member of the public reported a surprising sight – a 12ft-long python slithering along a street. This peculiar encounter prompted a response from local law enforcement.

Police Grapple with the Python

A photograph released by West Midlands Police depicts three officers grappling with the sizable reptile on Harwood Street at approximately 1:30 am on a Tuesday. The incident raised eyebrows in the community, leading to a statement from the police force.

Police’s Response to the Unusual Situation

Police Resilience in the Face of the Unusual

West Midlands Police, known for their versatility in responding to a range of incidents, acknowledged the uniqueness of this situation. In their statement, they noted that while the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) typically handles such cases involving animals, they were unable to respond promptly due to the late-night call. Consequently, the police’s courageous response officers took on the task.

Successful Snake Rescue

Despite the unconventional nature of the situation, the police officers managed to safely rescue the python, maneuvering it into their van without significant difficulty. Following the rescue operation, the snake was transferred to a nearby veterinary hospital for overnight care, ensuring its well-being.

Increased Python Sightings

Summer of Python Sightings

This python encounter in West Bromwich is part of a series of unusual snake sightings, particularly in London, over the summer. Another incident involved a cyclist narrowly avoiding a collision with a massive serpent crossing a roundabout in Balham. This runaway reptile, playfully nicknamed the “Balham Boa,” was observed shedding its skin at a busy junction. In a separate incident, a loose ball python, affectionately known as “Gary” by police officers, was captured in a north London garden during August, further highlighting the curious trend of python appearances in the region.

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