UK mother drives 8 hours to rescue daughter stranded in Belgium due to Eurostar cancellations

UK mother drives 8 hours to rescue daughter stranded in Belgium due to Eurostar cancellations

A Mother’s Eight-Hour Heroic Journey: Rescuing Stranded Daughter from Eurostar Chaos – 

Jade and Sam’s dream holiday turned into a nightmarish ordeal when Eurostar cancellations left them stranded in Bruges.

Joanna and Grahame Mitchell, parents of Jade, embarked on an extraordinary eight-hour round trip from Whitstable, Kent, to Belgium to ensure their daughter’s safe return amidst the travel chaos.

Stranded in Bruges:

Teacher Jade and her husband Sam faced unexpected Eurostar cancellations, leaving them with no means to return home.

The couple, on a rare break without their young children, found themselves stranded in Bruges with no available accommodations due to New Year’s Eve bookings.

Eurostar’s cancellation of all services compounded the crisis for approximately 30,000 passengers affected by flooding in the tunnel connecting Britain to mainland Europe.

Heroic Parental Response:

Joanna, determined to reunite her daughter with her children, described the situation as leaving them with “no choice.”

Frustrated with Eurostar’s lack of alternatives, Joanna and Grahame embarked on an impromptu journey to Belgium, covering over 250 miles to rescue Jade and Sam from their predicament.

Financial Sacrifice for Reunion:

Facing limited options from Eurostar, Joanna spent nearly £500 to secure her daughter’s journey home.

The Mitchells decided to take the Eurotunnel to Calais before driving to Bruges, making a pit stop for Belgian beers to lighten the mood.

Anxious Wait and Unexpected Hurdles:

Even after reaching Bruges and successfully retrieving Jade and Sam, the Mitchells faced further challenges. Passport control delays in France prolonged their journey, and Sam had to be driven separately to retrieve his car, preventing a parking fine.

Emotional Reunion:

Despite the trials, Joanna expressed her willingness to undertake the journey for the sake of her child’s well-being. With a touch of humor, she highlighted the extremes parents go to, noting that they deserved a cold drink after the ordeal.

Eurostar’s Response:

Eurostar later offered affected passengers the option to reschedule their bookings free of charge or receive a credit note or refund. However, Joanna criticized the lack of clear communication and alternative solutions during the crisis.


The Mitchell family’s story reflects the challenges faced by many travelers during the Eurostar disruptions. Joanna’s heroic gesture and the family’s determination underscore the lengths parents go to for their children.

The incident, occurring during the holiday season, adds to the frustrations of passengers affected by unforeseen disruptions in international travel.

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