Philip Shaibu, Resolute Amidst Intimidation – A Commitment to Edo’s Progres

Philip Shaibu, Resolute Amidst Intimidation – A Commitment to Edo’s Progres

The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu, stands undeterred as he faces the upcoming election, refusing to succumb to intimidation.

In a bold declaration, he emphasizes his resilience in the face of a life marked by harassment, asserting that such challenges have only strengthened his resolve.

Defiance in the Face of Intimidation:

Addressing reporters on Thursday after submitting his Nomination and Expression of Interest forms to the PDP National Secretariat in Abuja, Shaibu recounts a history of persistent intimidation.

He asserts that his unwavering stance against intimidation is indicative of the success that follows, emphasizing the connection between his fearlessness and electoral victories.

Purpose in the Edo Governorship Race:

Shaibu reveals that his entry into the Edo Governorship race is fueled by a desire to rescue the state from corrupt influences and thwart power-grabbing schemes orchestrated by vested interests.

His commitment extends to shielding the state from the encroachment of individuals with questionable motives.

Organic Support and In-depth Planning:

Confident in the organic support he enjoys, Shaibu dispels any notion of being a candidate pushed or disconnected from the people.

He emphasizes his hands-on approach, highlighting the voters’ familiarity with him and their shared experiences.

Additionally, he discusses the meticulous planning underway, citing the formation of committees to address the needs of Edo State.

Experience and Achievements:

Drawing on his extensive experience, Shaibu underscores his legislative background and eight-year tenure as the deputy governor.

He outlines significant achievements in areas such as sports, immunization, and revenue.

Notably, he highlights the transformation of immunization processes, saving costs, and garnering national recognition for innovative initiatives.

Transparency and Accountability:

Shaibu emphasizes a commitment to transparency and accountability, showcasing his role in saving state funds, digitalizing collection processes, and ensuring proper auditing of accounts.

He asserts that his leadership has set standards, leading to a lack of queries in audits and endorsements from various agencies.

Challenges and Determination:

The deputy governor acknowledges the reemergence of godfatherism, expressing determination to combat it.

He asserts that his ambition to contest for governorship is rooted in saving Edo State from individuals seeking to seize control.

Shaibu remains resolute in his commitment to the mandate of the people and foresees mass support from various political parties once he secures the PDP ticket.

Moving Forward and Empowering the People:

Looking ahead, Shaibu envisions Edo State progressing with power residing in the hands of the people.

He reflects on the initial journey to rescue the state in 2006, emphasizing the need to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands again.

Shaibu affirms that the only way forward is by empowering the people, not catering to business interests.

Conclusion and Political Landscape:

As the deputy governor navigates the challenges posed by the upcoming election, he expresses confidence in overcoming monetary influences and pledges to redirect any funds meant for his opposition to PDP’s campaign.

The resilience exhibited by Philip Shaibu reflects his unwavering dedication to Edo State’s progress and its people.

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