Veteran Minister to Quit Frontline Politics Amidst Death Threats and Intimidation Over Pro-Israel Views

Veteran Minister to Quit Frontline Politics Amidst Death Threats and Intimidation Over Pro-Israel Views

Justice Minister Mike Freer, a seasoned politician, has made the decision to step away from frontline politics after enduring a prolonged campaign of death threats and intimidation due to his pro-Israel stance.

The announcement comes in the wake of escalating incidents, including a recent ‘arson’ attack on his constituency office, contributing to an atmosphere of fear and anxiety surrounding his safety.

Decades of Intimidation:

Having served for over a decade as a public figure with outspoken support for Israel, Mr. Freer has faced relentless intimidation, including death threats, abusive notes on his car, and a previous encounter with a group that labeled him a ‘Jewish homosexual pig.’

The toxic environment intensified, leading to a ‘heavy security review’ by the police, forcing him to wear a stab vest during public events in his constituency.

Near Miss with Terrorism:

Mr. Freer narrowly avoided a potential confrontation with terrorist Ali Harbi Ali, who later killed fellow Tory MP Sir David Amess.

The encounter prompted a realization of the potential risks associated with his views, as he acknowledges the element of luck in escaping a possible attack.

Family Concerns and Final Straw:

The minister’s decision was further influenced by the strain imposed on his family, particularly his husband Angelo, who became increasingly jittery about Mr. Freer’s safety.

The ‘arson’ attack on his constituency office marked the ‘final straw,’ leading to tense conversations over Christmas and the ultimate decision to step down from politics.

Impact of Social Media and Critique of Corbyn:

Mr. Freer criticizes the detrimental impact of social media, citing platforms like Twitter and Facebook as contributors to the toxic environment in public life.

He severed ties with Twitter six years ago after receiving a disturbing image.

He also points fingers at former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, holding him responsible for making anti-Semitism ‘respectable again.’

Rise in Anti-Semitism and Pro-Palestine Demonstrations:

The October 7 attacks on Israel by Hamas heightened anti-Semitism, according to Mr. Freer.

With pro-Palestine demonstrations occurring regularly in central London, many constituents, fearful of intimidation and abuse, now avoid visiting the area on those days.

Personal Decision Amidst Political Landscape:

Despite polls suggesting that Mr. Freer could retain his seat, he emphasizes that his decision to quit politics is driven solely by personal circumstances.

He dispels any notion of undermining Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, attributing his departure to the challenging circumstances surrounding his safety.


Mike Freer’s departure from frontline politics, shaped by a tumultuous journey marked by threats, intimidation, and a near miss with terrorism, raises concerns about the security of public figures and the impact of divisive issues on political life.

Mr. Freer’s decision sheds light on the personal toll endured by politicians facing threats and intimidation.

It prompts reflection on the broader implications for public discourse, the role of social media, and the need for enhanced security measures for individuals serving in the public eye.

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