Peter Obi Affirms Commitment to Apologize for Supporters, Embracing New Nigeria

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 election, has affirmed his commitment to apologize on behalf of his supporters, known as the ‘Obidients’.


Apology as Part of New Nigeria

During a Twitter Space programme organized by Parallel Facts Media, Peter Obi expressed his belief that there is nothing wrong with offering apologies, considering it to be an integral part of the new Nigeria that many aspire to build.

Supporter’s Concerns

In the media chat, a supporter urged Peter Obi to refrain from apologizing on behalf of the ‘Obidients’ despite possible opposition party criticisms, suggesting the need to call his supporters to order.

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Unwavering Stance on Apologies

Peter Obi, however, remained steadfast in his stance and emphasized that he would not cease to apologize.

He acknowledged that his leadership style might be viewed as a weakness by some, but he saw no issue in expressing remorse when necessary.

Building a Unified Family

Obi articulated his vision of building a united political family where constructive criticism and accountability prevail. He stressed the importance of working collectively, emphasizing that he would bring the best individuals on board for success.

In cases where someone fails to meet expectations, he asserted his readiness to swiftly replace them.


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Embracing Challenges and Humility

Drawing from his experiences, Peter Obi encouraged people to challenge him and regarded humility as a virtue, not a weakness.

He reiterated his commitment to saying “I’m sorry” when appropriate, believing that this approach will contribute to the collective progress of the nation.


Peter Obi’s unwavering commitment to apologizing on behalf of his supporters, along with his emphasis on unity, humility, and accountability, highlights his vision for a new Nigeria.

His leadership style aims to foster constructive dialogue and drive positive change, as he strives to build a strong and inclusive political family.


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