Anita Brown vs. Chioma: Explosive Allegations and Revelations Unfold

Anita Brown vs. Chioma: Explosive Allegations and Revelations Unfold

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Anita Brown Targets Chioma: Allegations and Revelations


Anita Brown, rumored to be Davido’s pregnant mistress, has shifted her focus and animosity towards Chioma, the singer’s wife.

Despite Chioma’s absence from the spotlight for nearly eight months, the grieving mother has become a target of mockery on social media due to Davido’s continuous infidelity.

Anita, who is expecting a child with Davido, has been divulging personal information about the couple, including allegations of sacrificing their child and revealing Chioma’s pregnancy status.


Anita Claims Amanda is Davido’s First Wife: In a recent development, Anita alleged that Chioma is not Davido’s first wife but rather the mother of his second child, Hailey.

According to Anita, Davido’s alleged first wife is Amanda.

She made these claims during her Instagram live session and when responding to a fan’s comment.

The fan had mentioned Chioma being a side chick who was later promoted to the position of second wife, while Amanda, Hailey’s mother, is Davido’s first wife.

Anita confirmed this allegation, stating that her words were falling on deaf ears.


Explosive Revelations by Anita Brown: Anita Brown has been making shocking revelations to the public.

In a tweet that left social media users stunned, she claimed that Davido forced Chioma to undergo multiple abortions before they had their son, Ifeanyi, who is now deceased.

Addressing those who criticized her for being an OnlyFans star, she reminded them that Davido had recently engaged in a sexual relationship with her and enjoyed it.

She challenged his fans to ask him how she tasted, emphasizing that their affair was never a secret and that she was courted by the singer.

Anita further expressed her disgust at Davido’s apparent affinity for abortion, revealing that Chioma had undergone several abortions before finally giving birth to their son.


She condemned him as an evil person and expressed her own stance against such actions.

Anita Takes a Dig at Chioma: In a previous rant, Anita Brown had scorned Chioma, referring to her as a doormat.

Responding to trolls who insinuated that she wanted to become the new Mrs. Adeleke (Davido’s surname), Anita clarified that she had no intentions of settling down at the moment.

She emphasized that, at 29 years old, she deserved to enjoy life to the fullest.

Taking a swipe at Chioma, Anita questioned the purpose of getting married only to be confined to the house with a baby and subjected to infidelity.


She labeled the trolls delusional and asserted that she was not a doormat, as she led a busy and glamorous lifestyle.

Conclusion: The ongoing drama surrounding Davido, Anita Brown, and Chioma has captivated social media, attracting significant attention and generating widespread discussion.

While these allegations and revelations are provocative, it is essential to approach them with caution and consider the possibility of misinformation or personal biases at play.

As the situation unfolds, it remains crucial to respect the privacy and well-being of all parties involved.

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