Pensioner Allen Morgan Convicted in Bedfordshire for Arranging Wife’s Brutal Murder 40 Years Ago

Allen Morgan, a 73-year-old pensioner, now faces the grim prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars. He was recently convicted of orchestrating the murder of his wife over four decades ago.

Passionate Affair Leads to Deadly Plot

During a forbidden and passionate affair with his current wife, Margaret, aged 75, Allen Morgan decided to eliminate his then-wife, Carol. He hired an unidentified hitman and created a foolproof alibi while Carol was brutally murdered in the storeroom of her corner shop.

Public Outcry and Marriage

After the murder, Allen and Margaret engaged in high-profile interviews, protesting their innocence. The public suspicion affected their business, leading to a loss of customers. Despite this, they married in 1982, a year after Carol’s death, and have remained together since.

Conviction After Lengthy Trial

Following a two-month trial, Allen was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. The jury reached a unanimous decision after a week of deliberation. Margaret, however, was acquitted of the same charge. The conviction was praised by Mr. Justice Martin Spencer, who commended the police for their diligent investigation.

The Murder of Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan’s death on August 13, 1981, in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, captured public interest and subjected the police investigation to intense scrutiny. Some witnesses were even hypnotized to uncover hidden memories that could solve the case.

Search for the Distinctive Suspect

Allen and Margaret maintained their innocence while detectives searched for a distinctive suspect with a “piggy nose.” This suspect was seen carrying cash-filled shopping bags and leaving in a green Ford Cortina. Approximately £400 and a significant amount of cigarettes were stolen, suggesting the murder was staged as a robbery to pay the hitman.

Brutal Details and Prosecution’s Case

Carol suffered over a dozen head wounds and was found in a pool of blood. Prosecutor Pavlos Panayi KC argued that the murder was premeditated and orchestrated by Allen and Margaret, who sought to solve their financial difficulties through Carol’s death.

Affair and Financial Motive

Allen and Margaret’s affair began while he was making grocery rounds. They met for intimate encounters while Margaret’s husband was at work. Financial constraints prevented them from leaving their spouses, but Carol’s death provided a solution. Allen benefited financially from her death due to an insurance policy and her share of the shop.

Key Witness Testimony

Jane Bunting, a teenager at the time, testified that Allen, in a pub with her and Margaret, asked her boyfriend, a known criminal, about hiring a contract killer. On the murder night, Allen unusually took Carol’s children to the cinema, creating an alibi and returning to find her body.

Confrontation and Crossroads

Margaret’s husband discovered the affair and confronted Allen, demanding that Margaret choose between them. This confrontation marked a critical point in the defendants’ lives.

Police and Investigators Reflect

Retired Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Prickett, who led the original investigation, recalled the brutality of Carol’s murder and expressed hope for closure for her loved ones. Detective Superintendent Carl Foster, who continued the investigation after retirement, highlighted the enduring impact on Carol’s children and witnesses, commending their bravery.

Justice and Future Efforts

Foster emphasized the importance of justice, noting that Allen enjoyed over 40 years of freedom that Carol never had. Despite the absence of a confession, efforts will continue to identify and prosecute the physical perpetrator of the crime.

Upcoming Sentencing

Allen Morgan’s sentencing is scheduled for July 31, marking the culmination of a lengthy pursuit of justice for Carol Morgan.

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