Geologist Frank Kimbler Discovers Pure Aluminum at Roswell Crash Site in New Mexico Fueling UFO Theories

America’s most famous UFO case, the 1947 Roswell incident, still sparks interest as scientists and civilians strive to prove the crash was extraterrestrial.

Initial Reports and Military Reversal

In 1947, the US Army Air Force initially claimed to have recovered debris from a “flying disc,” but later retracted the statement, asserting it was merely a weather balloon.

Geologist Challenges Official Story

Frank Kimbler, a geologist, has been investigating the Roswell site since 2010. Using a metal detector, he has found over 20 unusual metal scraps, one of which he recently submitted for testing.

Discovery Channel Testing Reveals Pure Aluminum

Testing of the metal on Discovery Channel’s new series “Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction” revealed it to be 100-percent pure aluminum, a finding experts consider compelling evidence of an extraterrestrial origin.

Show Host Champions Truth

Chrissy Newton, cohost of the series, emphasized her commitment to truth, even if it means debunking popular UFO cases. She found the pure aluminum test results particularly compelling due to its connection with other UFO crash sites.

Insights from a Former Pentagon Investigator

Newton mentioned an unnamed source from the US military’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), who indicated that pure aluminum has been linked to multiple UFO crash sites.

Geologist’s Unique Discovery Method

Kimbler explained that he found the metal fragment in an ant hill within the Roswell debris field, a common tactic for prospectors seeking buried materials.

Independent Lab Confirms Unusual Purity

The Discovery Channel sent the metal sample for analysis to Cerium Labs, where Dr. Tom Hossain confirmed its unusual purity, differing from typical industrial-grade aluminum.

Eyewitness Accounts and Declassified Records

Researcher Anthony Bragalia obtained 150 pages from the US Defense Intelligence Agency via a FOIA request, revealing that witnesses described a “memory metal” at the Roswell site, capable of returning to its original form when altered.

Ongoing Investigation and Upcoming Sentencing

Despite the military’s official explanation of a spy balloon crash, continued investigations and new evidence keep the Roswell UFO case in the public eye. The Discovery Channel’s new series “Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction” aims to rigorously examine such claims.

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