Unprecedented Move: Pastor Sells Church and Congregation Before Relocating Abroad

In an unprecedented move, a pastor in Delta State has reportedly sold his church and congregation to another pastor before relocating abroad.

The details of this unusual transaction have left many people perplexed, as they wonder how such a sale could have taken place.

The Enigmatic Church Sale

The story revolves around Pastor Samuel Ojo, the spiritual leader of the Graceful Abode Church in Delta State.

It is alleged that he brokered a unique deal by handing over his entire ministry to Pastor Michael Ade, who had his own congregation. This unexpected change in leadership took the members of Graceful Abode Church by surprise.

Congregation’s Reaction and Ethical Concerns

Members of the church were reportedly shocked by the sudden transition in leadership. This incident has raised significant concerns about the ethics, integrity, and commercialization of religious leadership.

Online Reactions and Speculation

The news of this unconventional church sale has triggered a flurry of reactions and speculations on social media.

People have expressed a range of opinions, from skepticism to humor and criticism. Some suggest that the business aspect of religion has become a worrying trend, while others find the situation amusing.

The Unconventional Business of Selling a Church

The incident highlights the unconventional nature of selling a church and its congregation. The reasons behind such a move and the implications for both pastors involved remain a mystery, leaving room for speculation and debate.


The pastor’s decision to sell his church and congregation to another pastor before relocating abroad has raised eyebrows and prompted discussions about the dynamics of religious leadership and the commercialization of faith.

The reactions online underscore the diverse opinions on this unusual transaction, which will likely continue to be a topic of interest and debate.