Joel Osteen Addresses Congregation in the Wake of Lakewood Church Shooting, Declares Time of Healing

Joel Osteen Addresses Congregation in the Wake of Lakewood Church Shooting, Declares Time of Healing

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting incident at Lakewood Church in Houston, Joel Osteen led the congregation back to the pews on Sunday morning, emphasizing a crucial “time of healing and restoration.”

The two services, held just a week after the violent episode, were intended to provide solace and support for the church’s community.

A Week of Recovery After the Unthinkable

Joel Osteen, the pastor of Lakewood Church, expressed love and prayers for the congregation, acknowledging the challenging week they had endured.

The unexpected and distressing events unfolded on February 11 when Genesse Moreno, 36, armed with two rifles, opened fire inside the megachurch, leading to a tragic outcome.

Osteen’s Message of Resilience and Faith

Addressing the Lakewood family, Joel Osteen reflected on the difficulties faced during the past week.

He highlighted the faithfulness of God in protecting and watching over the congregation.

Osteen encouraged the community to come together, emphasizing that despite the forces attempting to instill fear, the church stands united as people of faith, not fear.

Seven-Year-Old Samuel’s Struggle for Life

The heartbreaking incident left seven-year-old Samuel, Genesse Moreno’s son, severely wounded after being shot in the brain.

As two off-duty police officers intervened, Moreno was shot and killed, leaving Samuel with a grim prognosis.

The boy’s paternal grandmother, Walli Carranza, flew from Mexico to be by his bedside, shedding light on the family’s efforts to gain custody over the past four years.

Custody Battles and Mental Health Struggles

Moreno, diagnosed with schizophrenia and Munchausen by proxy, had a history of using her son as a “bargaining chip” in custody battles.

Custodial concerns persisted due to her mental health issues, leading to a tumultuous relationship with Samuel’s father, Enrique Alberto Carranza.

The tragic event unfolded as Moreno entered the megachurch armed, resulting in the swift intervention of off-duty police officers.

Joel Osteen’s Supportive Remarks

Joel Osteen, in the wake of the shooting, expressed gratitude for law enforcement’s swift actions. He affirmed the community’s devastation but urged faith in the face of darkness.

Osteen’s message focused on rising above tragedy and standing firm in a commitment to love and support one another, guided by faith in God.

Unanswered Questions Surrounding Legal Firearm Purchase

The circumstances surrounding Moreno’s legal purchase of the AR-15 used in the shooting remain unclear. Questions persist about why she retained custody of Samuel despite her troubled history.

Child Protective Services in Texas are yet to provide answers to inquiries, leaving the community seeking accountability.

Grandmother Blames Texas Legislation for Lack of Protection

Walli Carranza, Samuel’s grandmother, publicly blamed the state of Texas for his injuries, pointing to legislative failures despite multiple reports of abuse.

Carranza emphasized the intersection of unbridled gun rights and the right to life, expressing frustration with the system’s inability to protect her grandson.

Moreno’s Troubled History and Alias Use

Genesse Moreno’s troubled history included arrests for assault, weapons charges, marijuana possession, and forgery.

She often used aliases, including the male persona “Jeffery Escalante.” Despite over 20 reports of medical abuse, she acquired deadly weapons, raising concerns about gaps in the system.

Anti-Semitic Connections Uncovered

Investigations revealed anti-Semitic writings in Moreno’s car and a gun with a “Palestine” sticker.

Allegedly raging against Jews, Moreno’s mother, her only support system, had left town before the shooting. Speculation suggests Moreno may have felt hopeless, leading her to the church where her mother was a member.

Ongoing Investigation and Community Support

The investigation continues into the tragic events at Lakewood Church, with Houston police and FBI agents reportedly raiding a related residence.

The community remains in shock, and Joel Osteen’s leadership seeks to provide ongoing support, healing, and a reaffirmation of faith in the face of adversity.

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