Parents Oppose Plans to Close English Medium School in Favor of Welsh Medium School

Parents Oppose Plans to Close English Medium School in Favor of Welsh Medium School

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. Parents in Cardiff have expressed their determination to fight against proposals that would result in the closure of their children’s English medium school, with the local Welsh medium school taking its place.


The proposed changes would affect four schools, including Allensbank Primary and Ysgol Mynydd Bychan.

Cardiff Council is considering three options aimed at balancing English and Welsh medium primary education to meet current and future demands in Cathays, Gabalfa, Heath, Llandaff North, and Plasnewydd.

However, parents of Allensbank students argue that the proposals are biased towards Welsh medium education and overlook the invaluable contributions made by Allensbank to its community.

One parent has started a blog and urged people to oppose the proposals in Cardiff Council’s consultation.

The potential changes would affect Allensbank Primary School, Ysgol Mynydd Bychan, Gladstone Primary School, and St Monica’s Church in Wales Primary School.

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Concerned parents believe that the closure of Allensbank is already predetermined as all three options involve relocating Allensbank School and merging it with Ysgol Mynydd Bychan.


Parents fighting against the plans, who chose to remain anonymous due to fear of reprisals, released a joint statement expressing their love for Allensbank and their intention to protect and preserve the school for future generations.

They highlight the fact that funding should be fairly distributed to ensure equal educational opportunities for all children.

Parents are urged to support the campaign to save Allensbank Primary School.

A blog titled “Save Allensbank” outlines reasons for opposing the plans, stating concerns that Allensbank and its students and staff are being sacrificed in favor of Ysgol Mynydd Bychan.

The blog emphasizes the need for voices from English medium schools to be heard and stresses the importance of speaking up to influence the outcome.

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The proposals under consideration include changes to school capacities, with potential reductions or increases in student numbers.

If approved, the proposed changes could be implemented from September 2025.

Parents express frustration that Allensbank seems to be targeted for closure, and they also criticize the long periods of scaffolding on the school building, which inconveniences students and staff, without any benefits if the changes go ahead.


Cardiff Council has stated that the proposals are subject to consultation with schools, governors, parents, and children.

The council emphasizes its commitment to developing Welsh medium education and meeting the Welsh Government’s goal of one million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The public consultation period runs until June 30, 2023, and the council plans to hold face-to-face and online meetings and drop-in sessions during this time.

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The fate of Allensbank Primary School hangs in the balance as parents continue to voice their concerns and fight against the proposed changes, advocating for a fair and equitable education system that serves the needs of all children in the community.


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