Owner of Controversial ‘Oldest Dog Ever’ Bobi Accuses Veterinary ‘Parasites’ of Campaign to Discredit Natural Food Advocacy in Bitter Feud Over Guinness World Records Title

Owner of Controversial ‘Oldest Dog Ever’ Bobi Accuses Veterinary ‘Parasites’ of Campaign to Discredit Natural Food Advocacy in Bitter Feud Over Guinness World Records Title

Bobi’s Guinness World Records Title in Jeopardy Amid Controversy

The owner of Bobi, the dog awarded the Guinness World Records title for the ‘Oldest Dog Ever,’ has launched a scathing attack on individuals associated with the veterinary world.

Portuguese national Leonel Costa alleges a campaign to discredit his beloved pet’s record, pointing fingers at those with vested interests in promoting processed pet food.

Accusations of Industry Interference

Leonel Costa, in a bold statement, accuses critics within the veterinary community of attempting to safeguard the processed animal feed business by targeting him and his dog.

He claims that Bobi’s longevity, attributed to a diet of natural food, challenges the narrative promoted by those endorsing processed pet food.

Defending Bobi’s Lifestyle Choices

Costa defends Bobi’s lifestyle, emphasizing the dog’s adherence to natural food, essential vaccinations, and a conducive environment as factors contributing to its exceptional longevity.

He criticizes the selective discredit campaign and underscores the role of veterinarians in ensuring animals’ well-being.

Questioning the Timing of Criticism

Addressing critics who waited until after Bobi’s death to cast doubt on his age, Costa questions the motive behind the delayed skepticism.

He expresses resilience against attempts to tarnish Bobi’s legacy and emphasizes his commitment to upholding the dog’s honorable life.

Celebrating Bobi’s Long Life

Leonel Costa held a birthday party for Bobi in May, celebrating the farm dog’s remarkable life. The event, attended by over 100 guests, featured local meat and fish, highlighting Bobi’s diet of human food.

Bobi had earned the Guinness World Records title in February, becoming the oldest dog in the world.

Guinness World Records Review

In response to concerns raised after Bobi’s death in October, Guinness World Records officials initiated a formal review.

The investigation aims to address discrepancies in Bobi’s reported age and potential irregularities in his registration.

Contradictory Reports on Bobi’s Registration

While Bobi’s birth was reportedly confirmed by the Portuguese government’s pet database, an investigation revealed that he had only been registered in 2022, a year before his death.

The conflicting reports add complexity to the ongoing scrutiny of Bobi’s Guinness World Records title.

Vet Community Skepticism and Temporary Pause

Reports from veterinary professionals expressing skepticism about Bobi’s age have emerged.

A spokeswoman for Guinness World Records confirmed a formal review, leading to the temporary suspension of both the ‘oldest dog living’ and ‘oldest dog ever’ titles until conclusive findings are obtained.

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