Sefi Oyeyemi: Nigerian Woman Celebrates 127th Birthday, Holds World’s Oldest Person Title

Sefi Oyeyemi: Nigerian Woman Celebrates 127th Birthday, Holds World’s Oldest Person Title

Sefi Oyeyemi, a remarkable Nigerian woman, was born in Abuja in the year 1896.

Over the course of her life, she bore witness to the ebb and flow of political leadership in her country, enduring through the challenges posed by both World Wars.

Today, she holds a unique place in history as the oldest living person in the world, a distinction officially recognized by the Nigerian Book of Records.

This year, on the 14th of March, Sefi Oyeyemi celebrated her 127th birthday, a testament to her incredible journey through time.

The Key to a Long and Healthy Life: Insights from Sefi Oyeyemi

In a recent interview with News Front Online, Sefi Oyeyemi shared her secret to achieving a long and healthy life.

She emphasized the significance of maintaining clean vessels within the body, attributing this practice to her own longevity.

According to her, the state of these vessels holds the key to a prolonged life, and regular cleaning is essential for maintaining good health.

She highlighted that this practice is particularly important for elderly individuals residing in urban environments.

She expressed concern about the prevalent use of various medicines, stating that they often contain harmful substances and contribute to health issues.

Sefi Oyeyemi’s own vitality stands as a testament to the benefits of vessel cleanliness.

The Role of SNOWPHYLLFORTE: A Supplement for Vascular Health

Sefi Oyeyemi revealed that her daughter had provided her with a supplement called SNOWPHYLLFORTE to aid in the cleaning of her blood vessels.

Eager to learn more about this supplement and the broader technique of vessel cleaning, they consulted Dr. Jemimah Kariuki, an associate professor and medical sciences expert at the University of Abuja’s National Hospital of Nigeria.

Dr. Kariuki confirmed the growing recognition of vascular cleaning therapy among medical professionals.

This technique, she explained, not only extends life but also contributes to overall human well-being.

In fact, vascular cleaning therapy is now incorporated into the treatment of various conditions, including those affecting vital organs like the kidneys and liver.

The importance of maintaining healthy blood arteries by reducing cholesterol buildup cannot be overstated.

Sefi Oyeyemi’s journey and her insights into a long and healthy life offer valuable lessons to us all.

As medical science continues to explore innovative ways to promote longevity and well-being, her story serves as a beacon of inspiration and knowledge.

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