Abrazo Homes Faces Backlash Over Controversial Naming of House Designs After Anne Frank and Harriet Tubman, Sparks Apology and Marketing Overhaul

Abrazo Homes Faces Backlash Over Controversial Naming of House Designs After Anne Frank and Harriet Tubman, Sparks Apology and Marketing Overhaul

Abrazo Homes Faces Criticism for Controversial Naming of Home Designs

Abrazo Homes, a housing development in Albuquerque, New Mexico, finds itself at the center of controversy after naming home designs after historical figures Anne Frank and Harriet Tubman.

The unconventional choice of names, which appeared on Zillow, has ignited a wave of fury and criticism online.

Apology Issued Following Social Media Outcry

Brian McCarthy, co-founder of Abrazo Homes, issued a formal apology on Tuesday in response to the public backlash over the naming of house designs.

The company faced significant scrutiny for the apparent insensitivity and lack of awareness displayed in their marketing choices.

The Harriet and The Anne: Homes Named After Influential Women

The Harriet, a house listed as the winner of the ‘Buyer’s Choice Award,’ faced intense scrutiny for its association with former slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

The Anne, a 1,750-square foot home named after Anne Frank, further fueled outrage. Descriptions on the company’s website prompted criticism for their perceived lack of sensitivity.

Abrazo Homes’ History of Naming Floor Plans After Influential Women

Co-founder McCarthy explained that the practice of naming floor plans after influential women has been in place for 14 years to acknowledge their historical significance.

Other homes on the company’s site include The Marilyn, The Coco, The Amelia (Amelia Earhart), and The Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher).

McCarthy acknowledged that the language used in the plan descriptions fell short of conveying the intended homage.

Marketing Materials Updated in Response to Oversight

Acknowledging the oversight, McCarthy mentioned that Abrazo Homes’ marketing materials have been updated to better communicate the company’s intent to honor remarkable women in history.

The removal of Anne Frank references from the website aims to rectify the insensitive portrayal and enhance the company’s efforts to pay homage.

Public Shock and Outrage on Social Media

Social media users expressed shock and dismay over the choice of names, with some questioning the appropriateness of associating iconic figures with suburban home floor plans.

The incident highlighted the importance of thoughtful marketing and naming practices, with critics emphasizing the need for hiring professionals to avoid such controversies.

Abrazo Homes Grapples with Fallout: Rio Rancho’s Reputation Questioned

The fallout from the naming controversy raised questions about Abrazo Homes and its impact on Rio Rancho’s reputation.

Critics labeled Rio Rancho as the “embarrassment of New Mexico” and questioned the reasoning behind the location choice, emphasizing that such associations were inappropriate, especially considering the historical significance of figures like Harriet Tubman.

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