Adorable Panda Twins Rui Bao and Hui Bao Delight the World

A Long-Awaited Debut

After months of anticipation, two incredibly cute giant panda twins were finally introduced to the public. These little wonders were born in July and had already captured the hearts of over half a million people around the world.

Rui Bao and Hui Bao

The twins, who have already gained fame on YouTube, were officially named Rui Bao, meaning ‘wise treasure,’ and Hui Bao, meaning ‘shining treasure.’

Fans who had been eagerly waiting to see these adorable pandas were thrilled with their first public appearance.

500,000 Votes to Decide Names

The names of these twin sisters were selected through an extensive process involving the public.

Around 500,000 people participated in the online voting to name them, making it a significant event. A select group of fans had the honor of attending the naming ceremony.

A Special Selection Process

The naming of the pandas wasn’t a hasty decision.

A thorough process that lasted 43 days involved proposals through Everland’s social media channels. After shortlisting by employees, the final names were determined through two rounds of public voting.

A Rare Achievement

Giant pandas, known for their low survival rate, made this naming ceremony even more exceptional.

These sisters, weighing over 5 kilograms each and sporting adorable tufts of black hair around their eyes, ears, and legs, offer a glimmer of hope for panda conservation.

Awaiting Public Debut

The public can look forward to seeing these charming pandas up close in the New Year.

However, their release for public viewing will depend on a thorough assessment of their physical development and adaptation to external environments.

A Gift from President Xi Jinping

The twins’ parents, Ai Bao and Le Bao, were gifted to Everland Theme Park in 2016 by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

These twins share their ‘Bao’ name with another panda star, Fu Bao, who was born in 2020 and was the first giant panda to be naturally bred in Korea.

Panda Fame on YouTube

Since their birth in July, the zoo has shared numerous videos of the panda twins on its YouTube channel, attracting millions of views.

These cubs are in excellent health, marked by teething and the early stages of crawling.

Global Joy and Best Wishes

Fans worldwide celebrated the twins’ official names, expressing their hopes for their bright future.

Comments flooded social media with well-wishes, such as ‘As their names imply, I hope the babies will grow up wise and bright’ and ‘I wish their names will be called fondly and remembered by many.’

Pandas as Diplomatic Symbols

Giant pandas have played a significant role in China’s soft diplomacy efforts for many years. Their destinations often coincide with major trade agreements and diplomatic initiatives.

Beijing loans pandas to foreign zoos, but any offspring must return to join China’s breeding program within a few years of birth.

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