Napoli’s Social Media Executive Resigns Amid Backlash Over Mocking Osimhen

Napoli’s Social Media Executive Resigns Amid Osimhen Video Backlash

Alessio Fortino, the social media executive of Napoli Football Club, has announced his resignation from his role in the midst of a public outcry over a TikTok video posted on the club’s official handle.

The video in question targeted Nigerian football star Victor Osimhen, resulting in widespread criticism.

Controversy Surrounding Napoli’s Mockery Video

The controversy erupted after Napoli shared a video on their social media platform, mocking Victor Osimhen for missing a penalty kick during their 0-0 draw against Bologna.

This viral video stirred outrage both within and outside the football community. In response to the video, Osimhen removed all Napoli-related content from his Instagram account, and his agent, Roberto Calenda, issued threats of legal action.

Government Involvement in the Matter

The Nigerian government also weighed in on the issue, pledging to engage with the Italian government, Napoli, and Osimhen himself regarding the incident.

The video’s impact extended far beyond the world of sports, highlighting the significance of respectful and responsible social media content.

Osimhen’s Remarkable Performance at Napoli

Victor Osimhen has enjoyed an impressive run at Napoli since joining the club.

He emerged as both the club’s and Serie A’s top scorer, netting 26 goals last season as Napoli clinched their first Scudetto in 33 years. However, the recent video controversy threatened to overshadow his accomplishments.

The Controversial Videos and Apology

The first video that sparked outrage depicted the 24-year-old striker appealing for a penalty, accompanied by child-like audio and the caption ‘Gimme penalty please.’

This was followed by a second video comparing Osimhen to a ‘coconut,’ which is widely regarded as a racial slur.

Although Napoli insisted they meant no harm, the fallout resulted in the resignation of Alessio Fortino, the social media executive.

Fortino’s Farewell and Private Apology

Confirming his decision to step down on Instagram, Alessio Fortino expressed gratitude for his time with SSC Napoli, acknowledging the support he received from colleagues, partners, and fans.

While Fortino departs, it’s reported that Napoli directors privately apologized to Osimhen for the club’s actions on social media, aiming to mend the strained relationship.

Alessio Fortino’s resignation serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and respectful social media engagement, especially when it involves public figures and athletes.

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