Omid Scobie’s Testimony Reveals Lack of Personal Connection with Prince Harry Amid Media Legal Battles

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. Omid Scobie, the co-author of the best-selling book Finding Freedom, which delves into the early years of Harry and Meghan’s romance and their departure from the Royal Family, recently gave evidence in court.


While the book was a global success and was written in collaboration with individuals close to the couple, Scobie maintained that he did not have a personal interest in assisting the Prince and his wife in their legal battles against the media.

Unveiling a Lack of Personal Connection:

During his court appearance, Scobie made it clear that he does not have a personal relationship with Prince Harry.

He emphasized that he does not possess the Prince’s phone number and has never socialized with him.

By highlighting this lack of personal connection, Scobie sought to establish his independence as a member of the press who has been dedicated to carrying out his journalistic duties.

The Perceived Risk in Giving Evidence:

Scobie acknowledged that testifying in court could be seen as providing ammunition to those who claim he is biased in favor of the couple.

He expressed concern that his involvement in the legal proceedings might further fuel the narrative that he is a friend, mouthpiece, and cheerleader for Harry and Meghan.


By underscoring the potential difficulties and risks he faces, Scobie attempted to distance himself from any perceived bias.

Unawareness of Conversations with Royal Couple’s Communication Secretary:

While writing the book, Scobie and his co-author, Carolyn Durand, had discussions with Jason Knauf, the communication secretary for Harry and Meghan.

However, Scobie stated that he was unaware of the extent to which Knauf had consulted the couple regarding the matters they discussed.

This admission suggests that Scobie’s access to information may have been limited and that he may not have had direct insight into the couple’s perspective.

Past Experience with Piers Morgan and Allegations of Phone Hacking:

Scobie recounted an alleged incident during his work experience at the Daily Mirror in 2002, where Piers Morgan, the editor at the time, discussed a story involving Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend.

According to Scobie, Morgan inquired about the sourcing of the information and was told it came from voicemails.

This incident, along with another journalist’s attempt to teach Scobie how to hack phones, left him with a lasting impression of the immorality involved in such practices.

Scobie’s willingness to disclose these experiences raises questions about the integrity of certain media practices during that time.


Implications for Scobie’s Credibility:

Scobie’s testimony and recollections may impact his credibility as a journalist and co-author of a book that offers insights into the lives of Harry and Meghan.

By presenting his lack of personal connection with the couple, acknowledging the risks he faces by giving evidence, and sharing his own experience with potential phone hacking, Scobie aims to establish himself as an impartial reporter.

However, the court’s examination of his statements and potential cross-examination may shed further light on his motivations and the reliability of his account.


Omid Scobie’s testimony in court has raised questions regarding his relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan, as well as his credibility as a journalist.

While he asserted his impartiality and distance from the couple, his past experiences and involvement in the book Finding Freedom provide fertile ground for scrutiny.

As the trial continues, further examination of Scobie’s statements and potential evidence may shed more light on his role and the veracity of his claims.


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