The Top 5 Services to Know Who Called You from This Phone Number

Are you sick and tired of unknown callers driving you crazy? Most of these calls come from businesses rather than family or close friends. Yet, how can you tell a telemarketer apart from a relative?

Easy. Download a caller ID app. for caller ID instantly identify callers. This means that a database of well-known telemarketers and scammers is compared to the program’s caller ID of the incoming number. They have privacy problems, but if you’re not worried or just curious about knowing who called you from this phone number., keep reading.


WhoCallMe is undoubtedly the most popular website for figuring out who called you. Stop such bothersome and unsolicited calls by entering the number into the website’s search field, which will immediately find relevant results. Searching and receiving a thorough report from publicly accessible sources, such as court records, liens, lawsuits, and civil records, takes a few seconds.

You may be confident that this special phone number tool’s free reverse phone lookup results will be the quickest and most accurate. Also, you may feel secure utilizing WhoCallMe because the entire search process is anonymous, and your information is protected.


  • Precise and trustworthy findings;
  • Swift results and searches;
  • Accessible at all times;
  • Other search methods including the US area code lookup on this page;


With the help of the user-friendly application US Phone Lookup, you can search for phone numbers and find out who has called you without paying any additional fees. It can reveal the person making the bothersome phone calls in a matter of minutes and display all of their pertinent information.

It’s easy to use; type the number into the search field, press the button, and the results appear instantly. The business uses algorithms to do searches and provide results. You can learn about a caller’s name, age, address, nearest relatives, social media accounts, etc.


  • Searching in confidence and privately;
  • Reports describing the hunt in great detail;
  • Efficiently retrieving data;
  • Easy to utilize the website;


Whoscall is one of the best caller ID apps on the Play Store, receiving 4.4 out of 5 stars. The same functionalities are available as with the other apps on this list. But, compared to its rivals, it is a little more privacy-conscious. It also didn’t send a lot of data in the background.


  • Blocking calls and messages from bothersome numbers: Like other applications, Whoscall lets users block calls and texts from bothersome numbers like telemarketers.
  • Social network integration: Whoscall, like its rivals, can interface with a number of social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Safeguards your data. Your data is gathered but later anonymized, as stated in Whoscall’s privacy statement.
  • Whoscall Premium keeps working even if your data connection is lost, unlike the other apps. Unfortunately, it has the greatest size of all the caller ID apps we evaluated, coming in at about 45 MB.

Phone by Google

Phone by Google is among the most underutilized caller ID applications in the Play Store. Google’s official phone calling app, which has received over 500 million downloads, uses the company’s enormous caller ID coverage to let you know who is calling even if they are not among your phone’s contacts.

The software can assist with caller identification and alert you to probable spam and scam calls.

The fact that the Phone by Google app is only compatible with newer Android smartphones running Android 9.0 or newer represents its main drawback.


  • Spam protection: The app will alert you to shady callers and make it simple to blocklist them so they can’t call you again.
  • Broad caller ID coverage: Using Google’s all-knowing abilities, Phone by Google enables you to identify the company phoning you. You may also lookup neighboring addresses and phone numbers.
  • Optional call screening: Call Screen can assist you in managing your incoming calls by filtering out spam and keeping you undisturbed.
  • With the Phone by Google app, you can view your voicemails, play them in any sequence, and even read their transcripts, so you can stop calling your voicemail.
  • Support for emergency location: If you ever need to call for help in an emergency, the Phone by Google app will display your current position, making it simpler to tell emergency personnel where you are.


There is a great deal of debate surrounding Truecaller’s data usage practices. Some of its benefits are superior design, excellent operation, and high identification accuracy. Overall, it accomplishes its stated goal of identifying unknown calls. Moreover, Truecaller includes support for iOS. Truecaller might be getting access to more information than you expected, though.

According to certain articles, Truecaller plunders your contacts list and adds it to its database. These allegations have been refuted by Truecaller, which maintains that it does not automatically collect contacts from users who download its app from the Play Store.

Under the privacy center of the app, you can prevent Truecaller from processing your data if you’re worried about how it’s being used. The privacy menu also allows you to see and download your data. If you use the app, look at the top Truecaller features.


  • Replace the built-in Android dialler with Truecaller to have a single point of contact for all your calling needs.
  • Call and text filtering: Truecaller offers the same caller and texter blocklisting features as most other apps. Blocklist numbers are automatically blocked, which is helpful for calls from telemarketers, con artists, and other annoyances.
  • Extremely customizable: There are numerous ways to modify Truecaller. Most significantly, it can selectively block unknown callers. Telemarketers commonly use ID-blocking.


Knowing who’s calling from an unknown number is crucial. The top 5 phone lookup services, including WhoCallMe, provide in-depth information to help you decide whether to answer, block, or report the call as spam. These services offer advanced search options, community-driven databases, fraud reporting, and user-friendly interfaces. Stay safe and confident when you receive an unknown call using these dependable services.

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