OKX Ventures Joins Runes Incubator Program to Cultivate Blockchain Innovation in Santa Clara, California

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of the cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 technology company OKX, has announced its active participation in the Runes Incubator program. Spearheaded by OnePiece Labs based in Santa Clara, California, and backed by Merlin Chain and Franklin Templeton, this initiative aims to identify and nurture projects related to Runes, a protocol that introduces a UTXO-based fungible token system into the Bitcoin network. By joining this incubator, OKX Ventures reaffirms its dedication to supporting developers in creating pioneering projects within the Runes ecosystem.

Fostering Runes Projects for Transformational Impact

The Runes Incubator program, initiated by OnePiece Labs, is strategically structured to have a significant reach and influence across various blockchain technologies and market segments. Selected projects focusing on Runes will receive comprehensive support, including mentorship, networking opportunities, and financial backing tailored to their specific needs. This holistic approach is aimed at facilitating Runes development and maximizing the innovative potential of participating projects.

Empowering Early-Stage Projects with Mentorship and Resources

With a focus on early-stage Runes projects, the Runes Incubator aims to revolutionize the Bitcoin ecosystem by accessing crucial resources that accelerate growth and innovation. By providing mentoring, networking, and funding support, the incubator acts as a catalyst for emerging projects to overcome common obstacles such as limited infrastructure, domain expertise, and financial constraints. This initiative serves as a launchpad, propelling promising projects into the realm of blockchain-enabled enterprises.

Tailored Mentorship and Collaborative Support

OnePiece Labs places a strong emphasis on individualized mentorship, connecting participating startups with experienced mentors who offer tailored solutions to address their unique business challenges. Collaborating closely with partners and cohosts, the incubator ensures regular check-ins and collaborative efforts to effectively address issues encountered by the teams. Upon completion of the incubation period, OnePiece Labs will organize an online Demo Day where participating startups can showcase their ventures to a wide network of investors, highlighting their progress and potential within the Runes Protocol ecosystem.

Selection Process and Incubation Program

Applicants to the Runes Incubator will undergo a rigorous evaluation process based on predefined criteria aimed at assessing their potential value and alignment with the program’s objectives. Selected candidates will embark on a 10-week incubation journey, during which they will receive intensive support and resources to accelerate their development efforts. Throughout the program, participants will benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to funding, enabling them to navigate the challenges of early-stage project development effectively.


In collaboration with OnePiece Labs, OKX Ventures is committed to nurturing innovation within the Runes ecosystem and supporting the growth of early-stage projects. Through the Runes Incubator program, developers and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to leverage mentorship, networking, and financial resources to realize their vision and contribute to the evolution of Web3 technologies. With a focus on fostering collaboration and driving transformative impact, this initiative represents a significant step forward in advancing the capabilities of the blockchain ecosystem.

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