Incubator Montauk Climate Launches with $8.5M Fund, Focuses on NYC-Based Climate Innovation

Incubator Montauk Climate Launches with $8.5M Fund, Focuses on NYC-Based Climate Innovation

Montauk Climate, a New York City-based incubator dedicated to pioneering technology companies in the fields of climate, infrastructure, and energy transitions, has officially launched with an impressive $8.5 million in operating capital.

Round Led by Amplo Founder and Managing Partner, Sheel Tyle

This significant funding round was led by Sheel Tyle, the Founder and Managing Partner of Amplo, a venture capital firm known for its investments in disruptive and innovative startups.

Co-Founded by Industry Leaders

Montauk Climate was co-founded by a team of industry leaders, including Philip Krim as CEO, Evan Caron as CIO, and Sharo Atmeh as COO.

Their combined expertise spans across technology, energy, and sustainability sectors, positioning the incubator as a leader in addressing decarbonization challenges.

Dedicated to Pioneering Technology Companies

The core mission of Montauk Climate is to foster the creation of technology companies that are at the forefront of addressing climate change, modernizing infrastructure, and facilitating the global transition to renewable energy sources.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, the incubator aims to drive impactful change in these critical areas.

Access to a Robust Network

Montauk Climate offers its incubated companies access to a robust network of advisors and industry insiders.

This network includes prominent figures such as Adam Braun, Kiran Bhatraju, Corey Capasso, Dr. John Clippinger, Chris Kemper, Ryan Pripstein, JD Ross, Arcady Sosinov, and others.

Their collective expertise and experience provide invaluable guidance and support to the incubated startups.

Expertise of the Co-Founders

Philip Krim, renowned for his role as CEO and Chairman of Casper, brings a wealth of experience in incubating and investing in early-stage tech companies.

Evan Caron’s background in the energy and commodities sector adds valuable insight into renewable energy and sustainability initiatives. Sharo Atmeh’s expertise in climate-tech investing and sustainability further strengthens Montauk Climate’s position as a leader in the field.

Driving Innovation and Impact

With its substantial operating capital and a team of seasoned professionals at the helm, Montauk Climate is poised to drive innovation and create lasting impact in the areas of climate change mitigation, infrastructure modernization, and renewable energy adoption.

Through collaboration, mentorship, and strategic investment, the incubator aims to catalyze transformative solutions that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


Montauk Climate’s launch marks a significant milestone in the advancement of technology-driven solutions for climate resilience and sustainability.

With its strong financial backing, experienced leadership team, and expansive network of advisors, the incubator is well-positioned to support and nurture groundbreaking startups that will shape the future of our planet.