NSFAS Announces Second Payment for Black Card Users with Banking Safety Tips

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has disclosed the date for the second payment to university students utilizing the newly introduced black card.


Payments were confirmed to have been made on Monday, 31 July 2023, covering the month of August.

Alongside the announcement, the institution also provided banking safety tips to help students manage their allowances securely.

Second Payment for NSFAS Black Card Holders:

On 31 July 2023, NSFAS took to social media to inform students that allowances for the month of August had been processed and made available.

This payment follows the first-ever payment of allowances through the #NSFASBankAccount, which was executed on 30 June 2023.


Banking Safety Tips for Students:

NSFAS emphasized the importance of responsible budgeting and wise spending of allowances in the face of various temptations.

The institution urged students not to share personal details, login pins, or any other security data with others, stressing that such information should be kept confidential and solely for the student’s eyes.

Efforts to Facilitate Transactions with the Black Card:

NSFAS assured students that they are working diligently to ensure that all beneficiaries receive their NSFAS bank cards for seamless transactions.

However, for students without the new black card, alternative measures are being employed to help them access their allowances virtually.

Registering for the #NSFASBankAccount:

For those interested in receiving their funding through the #NSFASBankAccount as a registered university student, NSFAS provided simple guidelines to follow.


Students need to complete the onboarding process by visiting the official website, checking their institution on the list, and selecting the appropriate registration option to proceed.


With the announcement of the second payment for black card users and the provision of essential banking safety tips, NSFAS aims to support students in effectively managing their allowances.

The initiative to introduce the #NSFASBankAccount offers a streamlined approach to disburse funds directly to students, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to ensuring financial assistance reaches its beneficiaries promptly.


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