Touch and Pay Technologies’ Cowry Card Revolutionizes Lagos Commuting with 3.8 Million Users

In Lagos, the daily commute becomes a seamless experience for 3.8 million users, thanks to Touch and Pay Technologies’ Cowry Card.

The contactless payment technology has swiftly become an integral part of the city’s transport system, simplifying payments for bus and train rides through near-field communication (NFC).

Lagos Commuters Embrace Cowry Card: Touch and Pay Technologies’ Fintech Reshapes City’s Transport Landscape

The fintech disruptor, Touch and Pay Technologies (TAP), is transforming the way Lagosians navigate their city.

With the Cowry Card, a contactless payment solution, TAP facilitates smoother and more efficient commuting experiences. Embraced by 3.8 million users, the Cowry Card is reshaping Lagos’ transport landscape.

How Cowry Card by Touch and Pay Technologies Transforms Lagos Commutes for 3.8 Million Users

Discover how Touch and Pay Technologies’ Cowry Card is revolutionizing daily commutes for 3.8 million users in Lagos.

The fintech startup’s contactless payment technology streamlines the checking-in process, reducing crowding and ensuring a hassle-free experience for bus and train rides.

Touch and Pay’s Cowry Card: The Driving Force Behind Lagos Transport Payments with 500,000 Daily Trips

At the forefront of Lagos’ transport payment revolution is Touch and Pay Technologies’ Cowry Card.

With an impressive 3.8 million users completing 500,000 daily trip payments, this fintech solution is redefining the way commuters engage with the city’s public transportation system.

Lagosians Tap Into Ease: Touch and Pay Technologies’ Cowry Card Reshaping Public Transport Payments

Experience the ease of commuting in Lagos as residents tap into Touch and Pay Technologies’ Cowry Card.

With its contactless payment technology, the fintech company has garnered 3.8 million users, offering a convenient and efficient way to navigate the bustling city’s public transport network.

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