Nollywood Actor Wole Ojo Reflects on His First Failed Attempt and Cherished Memories

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Nollywood actor, Wole Ojo, finds himself deep in thought as he looks back on his initial unsuccessful venture into the world of Nollywood.


This recollection takes him back to his involvement in the movie “The Originals,” a project that holds a special place in his heart due to the bonds he formed with some remarkable individuals.

First Attempt: Special Crimes Unit: Lasgidi Cops:

Wole Ojo’s first foray into Nollywood came with the film “Special Crimes Unit: Lasgidi Cops” in 2014, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a disappointment.

Despite its failure, he remains proud of the project and cherishes the memories associated with it.


Emotional Connection: “The Originals”:

Calling themselves “The Originals,” Wole Ojo expresses his profound attachment to a project that will forever hold a special place in his heart.

Through this endeavor, he formed meaningful connections with a group of exceptional individuals, fostering a sense of family within the Nollywood industry.

Preparation and Failed Attempts:

Before the successful release of “The Originals” in 2014, Wole Ojo had dedicated years of preparation, having faced a previous unsuccessful attempt.

The journey leading up to this significant milestone was marked by persistence, resilience, and an unwavering dedication to his craft.

Actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde joins the trend of reminiscing, as she recently found herself filled with nostalgia over some iconic Nollywood movies.


With a career spanning over two decades, she shared clips from movies such as “Yankee Girls,” “Games Women Play,” “Blood Sisters,” “All My Life,” and “Kosorogun.”

Nollywood’s Role in Shaping Nigeria’s Image:

Omotola Ekeinde highlights the pivotal role of Nollywood in introducing Nigeria to the world before the rise of Afrobeats.

Despite the low-quality productions and the absence of social media during that time, these movies broke barriers, laying the foundation for the global recognition of Nigerian entertainment.

Early this year, as he counted down to his birthday, actor Lateef Adedimeji took a moment to reflect on his humble beginnings and the challenges he faced.

In a heartfelt post on his Instagram page, he shared his touching story of starting with a meager payment of N5000 for a lead role.


A Journey of Perseverance:

Lateef Adedimeji acknowledges that his life’s journey has been far from smooth.

However, he credits his unwavering spirit, rooted in his experiences growing up in Abeokuta and Lagos, for never giving up.

Despite being a young, unsuspecting boy who unintentionally brought laughter to people’s lives, his talent eventually caught the attention of a non-governmental organization during his time in secondary school.


These three stories provide a glimpse into the personal journeys and reflections of Nollywood actors, highlighting the challenges they faced, their unwavering determination, and the profound impact of the industry on their lives.

Through their experiences, we see the resilience and passion that continue to drive the Nigerian film industry forward.



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