Priscilla Ojo Claps Back at Naira Marley’s Lawsuit Against Iyabo Ojo

Priscilla Ojo’s Outrage

Amidst singer Naira Marley’s legal action against actress Iyabo Ojo, her daughter, Priscilla Ojo, has voiced vehement opposition to the lawsuit, expressing her anger over the singer’s demand for 500 million naira and alleging his involvement in bullying the late Mohbad.

Condemnation of Naira Marley’s Move

Priscilla Ojo condemned Naira Marley’s legal action, asserting that evidence existed of his alleged bullying of Mohbad. She defended her mother’s efforts, emphasizing the sacrifices Iyabo Ojo made to seek justice, only to be confronted with legal action.

Priscilla’s Assertion on Iyabo Ojo’s Advocacy

In her statement, Priscilla highlighted her mother’s unwavering commitment to justice, pointing out Iyabo Ojo’s active involvement beyond social media.

She emphasized that Iyabo went as far as cooperating with law enforcement, supporting victims like DJ Splash, and advocating for justice in cases of assault and harassment.

Reaction from Supporters

Various reactions followed Priscilla’s bold response, with supporters commending her for standing up and defending her mother.

Comments reflected both solidarity with Priscilla’s stance and criticism against those who seemed dismissive or skeptical of the allegations and pursuit of justice.

The Online Discourse

Conversations among netizens diverged, some echoing Priscilla’s assertions and championing her outspokenness, while others questioned the absence of concrete evidence in the public domain.

Priscilla Ojo’s impassioned defense of her mother, Iyabo Ojo, amidst Naira Marley’s lawsuit underscores the intensity of emotions and conflicting perspectives in this ongoing saga.

The online discourse reflects a mix of support, skepticism, and the complexities surrounding allegations and pursuit of justice in the public eye.

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