Prof. Pat Utomi Expresses Concern: Politics Weakens Nigerian Institutions

Prof. Pat Utomi on Political Impact

Prominent political economist, Prof. Pat Utomi, has voiced his concerns about the detrimental impact of politics on Nigeria’s institutions.

He specifically pointed out the declining credibility of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Remarks at a Conclave in Abuja

Prof. Utomi shared his views during a speech at a gathering of the new tribe of Patriots for the Nigerian Restoration, held in Abuja.

His observations shed light on the broader challenges facing the nation.

Importance of Strong Institutions

Utomi emphasized the critical need for strong institutions in Nigeria, especially in the current national crisis.

He highlighted that the weakening of these institutions, coupled with a collapse of shared values, has had a profound negative effect on the country’s progress.

The Role of Values in Progress

In his speech, Prof. Pat Utomi underscored the role of values in shaping human progress.

He stressed that values are integral to the development and growth of any society.

Recognizing a National Crisis

Utomi acknowledged the widespread frustration among Nigerians and friends of Nigeria regarding the state of the country.

This frustration extends across various aspects of Nigerian society, from security concerns to economic challenges.

Toxic Politics and Institutional Weakness

The professor also delved into the toxic politics of the times, noting how it has further weakened institutions and contributed to a culture of divisiveness.

This, in his view, has exacerbated the distress experienced by Nigerians from all walks of life.

A Time of Pain and Frustration

Pat Utomi described the current period as a time of pain for all Nigerians, irrespective of their background or beliefs.

The nation’s challenges, including insecurity and poverty, have created a sense of anguish and frustration among its people.

Closing Thoughts

Prof. Pat Utomi’s remarks reflect a deep concern for the state of Nigeria, particularly in the context of weakened institutions and political challenges.

His call for stronger institutions and shared values underscores the need for comprehensive reform to address the nation’s pressing issues.

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