Renowned Economist Prof. Pat Utomi Decries Citizens’ Obedience: Calls for Accountability

Renowned political economist, Professor Pat Utomi, has expressed deep concern about the prevailing issue of citizens’ unquestioning obedience in Nigeria.

In a recent address at a National Conversation in Abuja, Prof. Utomi lamented that the majority of Nigerians tend to accept whatever is presented to them without questioning or demanding accountability.

Citizens’ Obedience: A Detrimental Trend

Professor Utomi highlighted the detrimental impact of citizens’ docility, emphasizing that it contributes to the perpetuation of poverty and moral burdens in the country.

He argued that the lack of accountability from leaders is a direct consequence of citizens allowing them to go unchallenged.

Urgent Call for a Change in Approach

Calling for a paradigm shift, Prof. Utomi urged Nigerians to wake up from their slumber and adopt new approaches in making government officials accountable for their actions. He emphasized the need for citizens to challenge the status quo, demonstrating their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in the country.

Accountability and National Development

Professor Utomi underscored the crucial link between accountability and national development. He urged Nigerians to reevaluate their expectations from leaders and not allow them to escape scrutiny.

Drawing attention to examples from other nations, he suggested a more assertive stance, including holding leaders accountable by walking away from them and even symbolically expressing discontent.

Erosion of Human Dignity and Verbal Terrorism

In his address, Prof. Utomi also touched upon the erosion of human dignity in Nigeria, attributing it to a culture of ‘verbal terrorism’ in the name of politics. He called for a renewed commitment to national values and a strategic conversation among patriots to address fundamental issues for the betterment of the nation.

A Call for Patriotism and National Renewal

Concluding his address, Professor Pat Utomi emphasized the importance of cultivating a new tribe of patriots in Nigeria.

He stressed the need for a state-of-the-nation conversation and urgent strategic dialogue among a critical mass of patriots to address the challenges facing the country.

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