Nigerian TV Host Condemns Ruling Party’s Lavish Lifestyle Amid Economic Crisis

Nigerian TV Host Condemns Ruling Party’s Lavish Lifestyle Amid Economic Crisis

Rufai Oseni, a prominent TV host in Nigeria, has expressed deep concern over the extravagant lifestyle of the ruling party in the face of the country’s severe economic hardships.


Despite hyperinflation, widespread unemployment, poverty, and hunger caused by the previous administration, those in power seem to be unaffected.

Oseni took to Twitter to question the rationale behind the presidency maintaining a fleet of 11 presidential jets during such a dire economic crisis, while wealthier nations refrain from such frivolities.

A Troubled Economy and Extravagant Display:

Oseni highlighted the distressing state of Nigeria’s economy, which is suffering from hyperinflation, high unemployment rates, and widespread poverty.

He blamed the previous administration for the current dire situation and expressed frustration at how the ruling party continues to enjoy a life of luxury.


Presidential Jets and Questionable Priorities:

In his tweet, Oseni raised a pertinent question about the justification for the presidency possessing 11 presidential jets when the country is grappling with economic turmoil.

He contrasted this ostentatious display of wealth with the more prudent practices of wealthier nations, who refrain from indulging in such extravagance during difficult economic times.

The Citizens’ Aspirations Crushed:

Oseni lamented that the lavish lifestyle of public officers and the ruling party is contributing to the citizens’ suffering and stifling their aspirations.

He likened the economic situation to an episode straight out of Dante’s Hell, emphasizing the gravity of the predicament faced by ordinary Nigerians.

A Call for Change:

The TV host’s scathing critique highlights the urgent need for a shift in priorities and leadership in Nigeria.


He underscored the disconnect between the ruling party’s extravagance and the hardships endured by the people, drawing attention to the famous last words of George Floyd, “I can’t breathe,” and the poignant lyrics of Jordan Sparks, “how am I supposed to live with no air.”


Rufai Oseni’s candid remarks on Twitter have sparked a conversation about the ruling party’s lifestyle amid Nigeria’s economic crisis.

The stark contrast between the extravagance of the presidency and the suffering of the citizens has brought to light the urgent need for responsible governance and more prudent use of resources.

As Nigerians continue to grapple with economic challenges, Oseni’s words serve as a call for leaders to prioritize the welfare of the people over lavish displays of wealth.

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