Inside Scientology: Former Aide Reveals David Miscavige’s Control-Freak Persona and Lavish Lifestyle

Inside the World of Scientology: Former Right-hand Man Opens Up About David Miscavige

Mitch Brisker, once a trusted right-hand man to Scientology leader David Miscavige, has recently spoken out about his experiences within the Church and his insights into Miscavige’s character.

The Enigmatic Leader:

Brisker paints a picture of David Miscavige as a reclusive and intense leader with a strong focus on material possessions.

According to Brisker, Miscavige’s control extends to every aspect of Scientology, from soap choices to the setup of conference rooms.

Luxurious Lifestyle:

Miscavige’s affinity for the material world is highlighted by his love for designer clothes, fast cars, and extravagant gifts.

Brisker reveals the culture of gift-giving within Scientology and describes the expensive presents he received during his time in Miscavige’s favor.

The Friendship with Tom Cruise:

Brisker sheds light on the friendship between Miscavige and Hollywood star Tom Cruise, emphasizing Cruise’s genuine admiration for Miscavige.

However, Brisker believes Cruise is living in a distorted reality within Scientology.

The Missing First Lady:

Regarding Shelly Miscavige, Brisker challenges the speculation about her whereabouts, asserting that she is not missing or held against her will.

Instead, he suggests she is devotedly living at a secretive Scientology base.

Ruthlessness in Exile:

Brisker claims that Miscavige, when done with Shelly, sent her into ‘exile’ without a second thought.

Despite her pleasant demeanor, Brisker sees her as more of a glorified social director than a potential leader within the Church.

Romantic Entanglements:

Brisker hints at a romantic relationship between Miscavige and his executive assistant, Lou Henley-Smith, speculating that it may have started during an overnight flight on Tom Cruise’s private jet.

Challenges Facing Scientology:

The interview comes at a challenging time for Scientology, with recent high-profile incidents, such as the conviction of actor Danny Masterson on rape charges.

Brisker suggests that the Church, led by Miscavige, is facing its most urgent crisis in living memory.


As Brisker’s revelations come to light, they add another layer to the complex world of Scientology.

His upcoming book, ‘The Big Lie: How I made an Evil Cult Look Good,’ promises further insights into his experiences within the Church and the reasons behind his departure.

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