Medical Tourism Tragedy Continues: Another Briton Dies After Surgery in Turkey

In pursuit of a healthier life, Louise Bradley made a bold decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey.


After waiting for four long years in the NHS queue, she was filled with excitement and hope as she embarked on her journey to the Aegean coast for the operation.

However, her dream quickly turned into a nightmare when she realized the surgery had gone terribly wrong.

Louise’s story sheds light on the dangers of seeking medical procedures abroad, a topic that gained further attention after the tragic death of another woman, Leanne Leary, following a gastric sleeve procedure in Turkey.

The Tragic Decision:

Louise Bradley, a mother-of-two, suffered from arthritis due to her weight, making exercise too painful.


Desperate for a solution, she sought gastric sleeve surgery abroad when the NHS option seemed elusive.

Encouraged by a friend’s successful experience, Louise researched thoroughly and chose a surgeon in Turkey who appeared reliable.

In May of the previous year, she underwent the £2,000 surgery, only to experience devastating complications upon her return to Manchester.

Louise’s Nightmare Unravels:

Instead of removing the intended 75% of her stomach, the surgeon mistakenly took out 92%, causing severe health problems for Louise.

The complications left her in intensive care and now she must rely on a feeding tube for sustenance for the rest of her life.


This horrifying experience prompted her to share her story and raise awareness of the dangers of undergoing surgery abroad.

Leanne Leary’s Tragic Death:

The heartbreaking story of Leanne Leary, a loving mother of three from Oldham, who suffered two heart attacks after her gastric sleeve procedure in Istanbul, further highlights the risks involved in medical tourism.

With at least 24 British nationals known to have died in Turkey following medical procedures since January 2019, the UK Foreign Office issued a warning about the dangers of seeking medical treatment overseas, emphasizing the lack of regulation in the cosmetic surgery, medical, and dental tourism industry.

The Pitfalls of Medical Tourism:

Louise’s personal experience and Leanne Leary’s tragic death underscore the importance of caution when considering surgery abroad.

While the appeal of lower costs and quicker access to procedures may lure some individuals, the lack of oversight and varying safety standards in foreign countries can lead to disastrous consequences.


The surge in people seeking weight loss surgery abroad, particularly in places like Turkey, has raised concerns among health experts about the potential risks and complications.

Social Media Influence:

Platforms like TikTok have contributed to the glamorization of gastric sleeve surgeries, showcasing before-and-after transformation videos and users’ surgical journeys.

Although some users, like Louise, have shared negative experiences and issued warnings, there remains a lack of comprehensive risk warnings on such platforms.

Expert Opinions:

Jim Byrne, a consultant surgeon and member of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society, emphasizes the risks of seeking surgery abroad.

He attributes the rising trend of medical tourism to the lack of sufficient provision for severe obesity in the UK, leaving individuals to seek solutions elsewhere.


However, he warns that the safety standards and follow-up care in countries like Turkey may not match those of the UK.

Urgent Call for Awareness:

The rising number of overseas cosmetic operations being funded by the NHS and the unfortunate deaths of individuals like Leanne, Shannon, Leah, and Joe underscore the urgent need for awareness and caution when considering surgery abroad.

MPs and health authorities call for social media platforms to review ads for medical procedures and for potential patients to conduct extensive research and consult with their GPs before making any decisions.


The tragic stories of Louise Bradley and Leanne Leary serve as stark reminders of the potential risks associated with medical tourism.

Seeking surgery abroad may seem like an attractive option for many due to various factors, but the lack of proper regulation and standardization can lead to devastating consequences.


It is crucial for individuals considering medical procedures overseas to be well-informed, exercise caution, and prioritize their health and safety above all else.


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