Nigerian Singer Olakira Opens Up About Transition from Gospel to Secular Music and Battle with Depression

Nigerian Singer Olakira Opens Up About Transition from Gospel to Secular Music and Battle with Depression

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Olakira, recently shared his experience of transitioning from a gospel singer to secular music.


In an interview with TVC, he opened up about the events that led to his expulsion from the church and subsequent struggle with depression.

This article explores Olakira’s journey and the challenges he faced along the way.

From Gospel to Secular: The Turning Point:

Olakira revealed that his expulsion from the church was a significant turning point in his life.


He admitted to engaging in relationships with four female members of the choir, which ultimately led to his dismissal.

The consequences of his actions took a toll on his mental well-being, plunging him into a state of depression.

He shared that he was unable to focus and struggled with his emotions during this period.

Coping with Depression and Seeking Therapy:

To overcome the depression that engulfed him, Olakira made the decision to seek professional help.

He underwent therapy sessions to address his emotional turmoil and find a way out of the distracting and crowded secular music industry.


This step proved essential in helping him regain his focus and navigate through the challenging phase of his life.

A Comfortable Space: Influence of Upbringing:

Olakira also reflected on his upbringing, sharing that being raised by a single mother shaped his comfort zone.

He expressed a greater affinity for the company of women than men.

This unique perspective influenced his music career and added a distinct flavor to his artistry.

Omah Lay, an award-winning singer, recently shocked his fans by sharing a deeply personal revelation about his life.


In a series of tweets, he shed light on the factors that influenced his debut album, Boy Alone, and opened up about his battle with depression.

This section delves into the singer’s experience and the challenges he faced, including an affair with his therapist.

Depression Intensified: An Unexpected Affair:

Omah Lay disclosed that his depression worsened when he became involved in a romantic relationship with his therapist.

This unexpected turn of events added further complexity to his emotional struggles.

Additionally, he expressed disappointment as people he once looked up to started showing him less love and support.


Perception of Doubt and Disrespect:

The impact of depression and the aftermath of his affair affected Omah Lay’s perception of others.

When looking into people’s eyes, he felt overwhelmed by doubt, disrespect, and hatred.

This shift in perspective had a profound effect on his mental state and contributed to his ongoing battle with depression.


The experiences shared by Olakira and Omah Lay shed light on the challenges faced by musicians in the industry and the impact these challenges can have on their mental health.

Both artists have shown resilience in overcoming their struggles, seeking therapy, and using their music as a means of self-expression.


Their stories serve as a reminder of the importance of supporting and understanding individuals navigating their own unique journeys in the music world.

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